Q3TA VChat

An idea shamelessly taken from Unreal Tournament and Tribes 2 (particularly the latter).

This is an idea I've had since early February 2002. The idea is to have a "cascading" menu system, to compensate for the limited number (a little over 100) of available binds in Q3. Originally created to simulate the VChat menus of Tribes 2, this VChat implementation can also be used as a custom popup menu to execute nearly any Q3 command.


This shows the "root" menu which kicks off the VChat menus, which I have bound to 'V'.
240x180 thumbnail of ROOT VChat menu
(full image 1024x768, 196KB)

After pressing 'A', it then shows:
240x180 thumbnail of 'A' VChat menu
(full image 1024x768, 180KB)

Then pressing 'A' again results in an actual command:
240x180 thumbnail of 'AA' VChat item
(full image 1024x768, 168KB)

This results in a key sequence of "VAA" to send the radio text.


Packaged file: wfa-vchat-0002.tar.gz. As this was originally designed for use with WFA 3.3, I'm going to say this archive is to be unpacked in the wfa directory. However, modifying just vchat.txt should suffice for adapting to other mods using Q3.

-- PhaethonH (PhaethonH@gmail.com)