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New Detroit

(Detroit from RoboCop was used as the background for a low-tech cyberpunk game) Earth : United States : Detroit :

The Detroit Police Department, part of the Security Concepts division of Omni-Consumer Products (perhaps best known for the Health- Net group of hospitals and clinics), is still on strike. Crime is at an all-time high, and citizens and businesses are taking the law into their own hands. Several law and governmental offices have been firebombed, and it seems like it is only a matter of time before the city tears itself to pieces.
As negotiations between the Police Officer's Union and OCP continue, the Enforcement-Droid series 209 (ED-209) is being deployed in certain critical areas, despite severe misgivings over the reported performance of these giant robots. It is felt by many that this is a necessary step, although some fear it to be too little, too late.
Union spokesmen have denounced the move, voicing concerns that OCP is deliberately undermining the Police in a move to disband them and replace them with various automated products.

Omni-Consumer Products, reeling from a terrorist bombing and repeated problems managing Detroit's Police Department, has just unveiled a new product targeted at the military market, literally. This advanced neural enhancer, called a 'Gun-Target Link', allows the properly-enhanced soldier to fire more rapidly and more accurately. In trial runs, this was demonstrated to cut the civilian losses (sometimes called collateral damage) almost to zero.
The Marine Corps and the Army immediately ordered more tests, supplying their own volunteers, despite objections from the ACLU. There are some concerns in the medical community as well, as the exact impact of that much intrusive surgery into the nervous system, despite decades of successful organ transplants, remains to be seen. The American Medical Association recommends caution and careful clinical testing.

[GM's note: this is the introduction of the first true 'cyberware' into this campaign, which has been deliberately kept very low-tech]

Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu

United Terra

(United Terra is the setting for the AMAZING ENGINE game BUGHUNTERS)

United Terra : Acey-Two : New Dallas :

After delivering their report to colonial leaders, the United Terra Reconnaissance and Peace-keeping Force (UTRPF) has released some information to the public. The new colony on the southern continent was destroyed by humongous hornets, said to span more than two-feet in length. UTRPF has promised to leave a garrison in New Austin, in case the Hell Hornets, as they have been named, are discovered on the northern continent.
Also in the information released was a description of a large, underground chamber which had held more than two hundred of the hornets in stasis. The power to the stasis chamber was failing as the UTRPF investigators approached it, although the troops were successful in eradicating the hornets.
Satellites are being placed in orbit to seek out energy emissions, in case there are more such buried chambers on Acey-Two. As New Austin mourns the loss of its sister city to the south, citizens can only look to the future and hope for the best.
A small parade and holiday was held to celebrate the return of the UTRPF troops from the southern continent. The mayor and his advisors presented the leader of the troops with an honorary key to the colony, and promised that they and their brethren would be welcome any time they chose to return. On behalf of the UTRPF, the Lieutenant in charge of the small force accepted and gave a brief speech.

Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu


(CommonWealth: A sci-fi supplement for Dangerous Journeys)

New nation-state mini-bio's:

  • Trium - A tight coalition composed of three religiously conservative nation-states. These are Foria, Tuscant, and Alria. Toleration is an optimistic word for their less than positive attitude towards other nation-states who are not of the Limal faith.
  • Svernia - A rough, rugged nation-state known for the prowess of its warriors and its neutrality in politics. It some respects, Svernia is considered an undisciplined and barbaric civilization that seems to barely have evolved from savagery. Of course, no one would dare tell "them" that. Usually, the best space corsairs come from Svernia.
  • United Planets - A collection of several hundred planets joined together for mutual protection, economics, and advancement. A relative minor player in overall politics, the UP is known for its unpredictability and stubbornness.

  • Current:  Year    /Month   /Day    
      20,223     05     40


    20,223 /04 /19 -Tayah /Capella

    The Bouchrein Regime has recently announced their formal acknowledgement of the Tsoros people as a minor clan and of their subsequent acceptance into the House of Clans.
    Sources say that the Regime's repressive behavior, plus their refusal to acknowledge the Tsoros as a clan, is responsible for the strife now rampant in the Tsoros home system of Capella.
    Citizens in neighboring systems who are sympathetic to the Tsoros plight have staged strikes on the planets of Tayah, Croix, plus several others. This has all but paralyzed traffic travelling in and out of the Capella System.
    Enforcement agencies were said to have arrested thousands and hundreds of others were hurt in skirmishes before the Regime's decision was finally reached and a relative peace restored. ***

    22,223 /02 /06 -Cinemay /Di Bhon

    Gunmen killed the Tri-Alliance's naval attache to the Trium nation-state of Foria on a downtown street in Cinemay, and a previously unknown extremist group claimed responsibility say government officials.
    A man and a woman grabbed Capt. Juan Larou one block away from the Tri-Alliance embassy, shooting and killing him, witnesses reported. A note was left at the scene and signed by the religious, Movement for Unification.
    The CommonWealth embassy in Cinemay said they have no knowledge of prior activities by the group. ***

    22,223 /01 /17 -Taracot /New Haven

    A CW immigration official has been arrested on charges of approving hundreds of fraudulent identity cards for workers seeking amnesty in exchange more than CR 250,000 in bribes, authorities said.
    Joseph Vega, an adjudicator in the New Haven legalization office of the Ministry of Culture, accepted the money in exchange for processing 500 to 600 identity cards, according to records filed Monday in the Magistrates Office in Bankal-New Haven.
    Mr. Vega is currently being held at the Provincial Guard Penal Station for extradition to the Leppord Province where he'll appear before the MOC's home office. ***

    20,223 /04 /19 -Trancom /Goliath

    In a surprise move, Supremacon diplomats called off further talks on arms reductions.
    Confidential sources in the CommonWealth say this is just a ploy on the Supremacon's parts, to force the CommonWealth into making concessions to regain the Supremacon's presence at the negotiations table. ***


    22,223 /01 /10 -Capital City /Regina

    Actor Vinn Conrad has left Cedar/August Medical Center and been moved to a private rehabilitation facility to continue his recovery from head injuries suffered in a hovercycle crash last month. Hospital spokesperson Ron Crest said. "The actor was in fair condition and seemed to be doing well when he left."
    Crest also said. "The family has told me that he is going to an undisclosed facility to continue his rehab work. Someplace where specialists can be called in. We all hope that he has a speedy recovery." ***

    22,223 /04 /07 -/Reft Sector

    "To educate, you have to entertain," says Dr. Cornis Balla, Historian at Reese Institution of Preservation and discoverer of the ruins of the derelict vessel Horauis.
    The Horauis (Hore-ruse) was originally a colony world/ship lost during the second expansion era. Until Dr. Balla's discovery, it was believed that the Horauis had been destroyed in a nova.
    Balla plans to send live transmissions of his party's exploration of the Horauis to classrooms and museums around the Tri-Alliance. ***


    Grav Ball

    20,223 /01 /10 -Nolan /Nifflehiem I /Svernia

    Mar Bronsky and Ulh Svar scored minutes apart in the third period Sunday night to give the Valhalla Valkyries A 4-4 tie with the Eistar Jets in Nolan. ***

    22,223 /05 /13 - Nclop /Fisher /Katherian Federation

    League of Fame member Szin Kcirtap, the last player to score 1,000 in the Upper Division, died yesterday at the age of 290 of natural causes.
    Szin was one of the original Katherians to start the Katherian Federation of Grav-Ball. ***


    22,223 /03 /03 -Pesentan /Willow

    Last week at the annual Interspace Health & Science Convention, CommonWealth health officials announced that the new anagathic (Xb-12) can be sold to the public. The price, and date of distribution were still unknown at press time. ***

    22,223 /02 /11 -United Planets General Forum/ United Planets

    In another bold move, the UP widened it's health coverage for all UP citizens. The new coverage will include some 25 new areas that had previously been in dispute. ***

    William Knight: ANWTK@acad2.alaska.edu

    GURPS Space: Dark Glass Universe (TL 12)


    Today, the first time in history, Earth was contacted. The following information is known:

    The Milky Way galaxy is known as the Dark Glass.
    In the Dark Glass universe, the far flung planets of the galaxy are accessible via hyperspacial rivers (complete with life forms, some dangerous to starcraft). The hyperspace routes have many tributaries, just enough to prevent any one power from dominating them. However, travel time is very slow and some places (planets, stations, stars) are off the hyperspacial routes.
    Starcraft take several months to reach the larger empires. The closest to Earth (in the Fringe of the galaxy) is the Sadian Empire. The Sadians look like turtles. They have a program called First Contact which states that no civilization may be contacted until they have at least one other planet outside their own solar system.
    Toward the galactic core and North-West of the Earth lies the Annowre Empire. They look like gazelle, only instead of hooves they have fingers on front and back legs (four-legged race). The Annowre are aware of Earth but consider it to fall under Sadian rule.
    West of the Earth, toward the core, is the Thpooky Empire (the smallest -- only one other planet). They look like human-sized elephants with huge eyes and flexible trunks; they work in pairs and their trunks have thumbs . They require dark as their eyes are so big. Although the smallest empire, they are the most vocal in galactic politics. They are benevolent.
    Farther West/Southwest is the Brendan Empire. They look like skunks; they are solitary, small, and like to keep neutral in galactic politics.
    In the galactic core are the dreaded Srehcraeser; their mouths are nearly inflexible, and they hate nearly everybody. They are the largest, almost the most technologically advanced, and look like, uh... sort of like large tubar-shaped bodies with long flexible necks and at least six noodly legs. Really ugly.

    The Sadian's have contacted us, forgoing their First Contact plans; "An empire is a space faring civilization with more than one planet outside it's solar system claimed by the empire and recognized by the other space faring races," said Dracian, diplomat and representative of the Sadian Empire (six outside planets).
    The reason is that Srehcraeser have just released their improved terror weapon.
    The mutnauq wave of positive Death is regarded as tested in the early Aidepolcycne Britannica by the Srehcreaser.
    The Thpooky and the Sadia, unable to convince the Brendans to unite against this threat, have accelerated their program of first contact to counteract the threat.

    Six humans have stolen one of the Sadian starcraft and have disappeared into hyperspace.
    The self-proclaimed Captain Cain said he would return the craft after he checked out the Sadian story. Strong protests were lodged by the Sadian's diplomat.
    Since the hyperspacial rivers are slow to travel (from Earth to the Core of the galaxy where the Srehcreaser reside on Lack-Ox II is three to four months), we can only wait to see what happens.
    The Sadians are offering their starcraft on a monthly leasing basis, but this does not condone the actions of Captain/pilot Cain.
    With him are two other men and three women identified as: Captain/navigator Lorien (no other name given), technician/weapons-ops Jacob Cut, diplomat/explorer/trader Helen de Fise, Albert Wilde (no position given), and writer Pat Rich.



    (these are from Traveller [the classic era], although technical information will be given in Traveller: the New Era format)

    1089i Duodekamonth 3rd.

    Spinward marches : Mora : World of Mercury :

    In the capital city of Nevreb, a group known as the Fire Cultists attempted to start a riot to overthrow the military government. After stirring up hundreds to march upon the Citadel Palace, Imperial stormtroopers were called in to make arrests. Most of the demonstrators were freed but 43 Cultists were kept and are expected to be charged with Promotion of Anarchy against His Imperial Majesty.
    The Cultists are said to worship a "fire demon" from another dimension "who will eventually traverse into three-dimensional space to wreak vengeance against all blasphemers," as quoted by one Cultist. The Cult has gained followers since the Imperial government instituted an outside military governship under Associate General Vicksburg when the previous government attempted to secede from the Empire.

    Spinward marches : Glisten : World of Caledonia :

    Marco, the self-styled "pirate lord," who hijacked over 23 cargo ships along the Marastan - Bendor trade route was believed to have been spotted in the second largest city of Barberra by Imperial Intelligence agents, but was lost shortly thereafter among the crowd of the Barberra Municipal Railway Station. A detachment of the Intelligence agents are being sent to investigate. Some consider it ironic that he would be here, on a world run by the very companies he robbed. If caught, local laws would require his execution by flailing. The government is offering a reward of 300,00Cr for his capture.

    Spinward marches : Lunion : World of Shirene :

    Twenty men of the Mangotrate Nutrition Corporation who were on an expedition to discover new life forms in the Shirene Jungle on the northern continent were apparently attacked by something which destroyed their equipment and abducted them. Their last transmission to headquarters was of seeing movement beyond camp, and then the sound of gunfire. A rescue team found only the broken remains of the expeditionary force's equipment. No trace of the men was found and it is not known whether the men are dead.
    The Mangotrate Nutrition Corp. has owned this world for over 17 years after an Imperial auction, and has over 250,000 employees living on-world. Company spokesperson, Wenda Tempton, says that nothing like this has ever happened before, and that a squad from their security division will look into the matter.

    Excerpts from Diary of Technician Briansson...

    Mondekamonth 28th. I finally convinced Argwyra to come with me to Lunion/Lunion and we left Glisten/Bendor after saying goodbye to all of our friends. When we got to the major city, Lunion City, I looked at the conapt ELP had assigned me: it would not do at all. It was too small and in the ELP Corp. district. Argie and I looked for a larger place in the cultural district that would accept interracial couples and found a nice two-bedroom conapt-with-a-view on the 22nd level of the Adobe Winters building.
    I had to check in with my superiors at ELP in my new assignment: the coveted Strategic Initiative and Imbalance Division. My Supervisor, Mr. Novano, seemed alright. He gave me 3 days off to adjust to the new, heavier gravity (1.1 from 0.9). It wasn't until I went home to enjoy the sauna with Argie that I realized how much I was going to miss my old world: While we were lying beside the pool, a custodian reprimanded Argie against wearing a two-piece bathing suit that showed her other four breasts! I mean, what is this still the Dark Ages! When are people going to accept us...?
    [Referee's note: Technician Izaak Briansson is a new special operative for the secretive SII Division of the megacorp ELP which deals in espionage against other megacorps and governments. His girlfriend is Argwyra Snouchouss, a Vargyr. Both were born and raised on Glisten/Bendor in the Spinward marches. Female Vargyr have six breasts]

    Leonard Scott: LENSCOTT@AOL.COM

    RIFTS: The World of Erth

    GM's Note. The Near Universal calendar system is used. It has a year consisting of 400 days, broken down into 10 months, consist ing of 40 days apiece. So, on a header, it will appear with the year/month/day usually followed by a city and then the planet.
    GM's Note #2. Nation-State mini-bio's:
  • Northland - A secluded land encompassing part of old Alaska and western Canada. Northland is a monarchy composed predominantly of mutant animals. At the moment, the governmental policy is to remain hidden from the eyes of the world if possible.
  • Oceania - Made up of the former Japanese Islands, Korea, Manchuria, and Singapore, Oceania is a feudalistic superpower in the Pacific Rim. At the moment, the Emperor of Oceania is content with the boundaries of his nation and has turned from expansion to trade.
  • Frigia - Little is known about this cold, virtually lifeless land other than it is ruled by the Ice Lords who control an endless number of frost warriors. They are aggressive, seeking to expand their control to the south and into the Northland's territory.
    Provided by High Command Press-Relations Office to The Spacefarer's Journal

    Current: Year  Month  Day  City       Nation     World
            20,224/11/hh#15    Fairbanks/ Northland/ Erth
    (1) 3,000 troops from the 2nd, and 3rd King's Rifle Regiments plus elements from the 3rd Shock Guards Regiment seized the city of Fairbanks last week and continue to hold despite repeated counterattacks by Frigian forces. HUMINT (Human Intelligence) reports indicate that Frigian forces were taken by complete surprise and that the Ice Lords are hastily trying to put together a plan of action. It is expected that Northland colonists can move into the city within two months, if troops continue to advance at pre- calculated rates.
    (2) As mentioned earlier, HUMINT agents in Iowa have been monitoring Coalition troop movements and believe that a Coalition strike force is moving towards Tolkeen from the north. As per standing orders of Operation Torch, General Blue has sent a counter-strike group by way of the Seatac route to covertly dispatch the Coalition forces. Furthermore, Northland troops in the guise of mercenaries have infiltrated Tolkeen to bolster the forces there.
    (3) A convoy of barges carrying Triax and Federated Industries armor bought in DC (worth 100 million New Dollars) was attacked by a party of 30 Xiticix warriors as it crossed through the northern reaches of Minnesota. The convoy's guard detail drove off and killed eight of the warriors. As part of King Skillian's plan to bolster Northland defenses against the possibility of discovery by Coalition forces, a multitude of secret trade routes have been set up in which cargo, weapons, and armor may be smuggled to Northland.
    (4) As a further step to support King Skillian's goals, General Blue has established a new special forces training camp at Fort Nelson. Further more, two SPECOPs teams have been sent to the ruins of Fort Lew in Washington to secure surviving equipment from the pre-Rifts SPECOPs units that were stationed there.


    Current: Year  Month  Day  City      Nation                 World
            20,224/ 10/   09   Pacifica/ Kinru Island/ Oceania/ Erth 
    Diplomats from the Oceania Empire and the Northland Kingdom, signed an agreement yesterday in the Oceania city of Pacifica, to eliminate several tariffs and duties with the intent of increasing trade between the two nations. Labor leaders from Oceania remain skeptical, seeing the agreement as being "forced upon them" by Northland diplomats in an attempt to flood the Oceanianic market with inferior Northland goods. Oceania government officials claim that union leaders are disgruntled antagonists that do not represent any official agency.


    Current: Year    Month  Day  City              Nation
             20,224/ 10/    20   Port Seetle/ the Free Lands(old Washington)
    Harley-Davidson Spokesperson, Ron Cwikle, announced that the company had perfected it's "HOG-2" power armor and that they are now accepting orders for the second generation models. The arrival of the new armor has been anticipated for some time in hopes that the problems that plagued the HOG-1 would be fixed. At the moment, Harley-Davidson hasn't stated what the HOG-2 armor will cost, but insiders indicate that it will be comparable to the HOG-1 (around 1 million Gold Eagles or New Dollars).


    Current: Year    Month  Day  City                                 Nation
             20,224/ 10/    29   the Cold Lands (north of Fairbanks)/ Frigia 
    For the second time in a month, rockets have been launched from the Cold Lands within the realm of the Ice Lords of Frigia. Pillars of flame from the launches have been observed as far south as Anchorage. Informed sources within the High Command have stated that General Blue has sent elements of the 1st Special Forces Group to investigate. When questioned, officials within the High Command declined to confirm or deny this. Speculation about the rocket launches is that the Ice Lords might have discovered the pre-Rifts space center north of Fairbanks. What the Ice Lords of Frigia intend to do with the rockets is as yet, unanswered.

    William Knight: ANWTK@acad2.alaska.edu

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