Volume #1, Issue #1. (Oct 28, 1994)

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The news reporters this issue were: 
    William Knight, ANWTK@acad2.alaska.edu 
    Mike Phillips, msphil@birds.wm.edu

New Detroit

(Detroit from RoboCop was used as the background for a low-tech cyberpunk game)

Earth : United States : Detroit :

Omni-Consumer Products suffered greatly this week, as the lawlessness caused by the strike of the Detroit Police Force invaded the company's research center. The entire level was devastated, wiping out literally years of data collected for the RoboCop program. In addition, the Enforcement Droid (ED) 209 that was guarding the building was destroyed, and four guards were killed, with two more in the hospital with critical injuries.
Portions of the research had been passed to other research teams, so very little useful was lost. However, all of the integration research has been lost, as the team had not had the chance to back anything up yet.
This is only one example of the violence that is currently raging through the city. The jails were opened at the beginning of the strike, for lack of personnel to keep people imprisoned, and with no police officers on duty, the criminal elements have nearly siezed control of the city.
However, negotiations are continuing betweeen OCP and the Police Union, and spokesmen for both sides indicate that they are slowly coming to an agreement.

Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu

United Terra

(United Terra is the setting for the AMAZING ENGINE game BUGHUNTERS)

United Terra : Acey-Two : New Dallas :

Following up on reports from a colony on the southern continent regarding remains of large animals. The indications were that they were prey for a predator as yet unknown and unseen. The carcasses were left, half eaten, and included a number of fairly harmless animals and livestock. The last report from the colony was that they were investigating it.
In the north, in New Austin, the governor decided to radio the UTRPF for assistance after contact was lost with the colony to the south and a team of colonists sent to investigate failed to return. No large predators are known to exist on Acey-Two, the second planet circling Alpha Centauri, so these events come as something of a surprise.
The UTRPF forces returned to New Austin earlier today, but they have not issued a statement concerning the investigation. The only thing about the expedition's adventure that is known is that some sort of nuclear device was detonated on the southern continent, in the area of the colony, but details remain unknown at this hour.

Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu


(CommonWealth: A sci-fi supplement for Dangerous Journeys)

[GM's Note. The near universal calendar system has a year consisting of 400 days, broken down into 10 months, consisting of 40 days apiece. So, on a header, it will appear with the year/month/day usually followed by a city and then the planet.] Nation-State mini-bio's:

  • CommonWealth -A relatively peaceful and decent monarchy that's existed for the last 6000 years - at least in name, though the government has changed many times in that 6000 years. Currently one of the two most powerful nation- states in explored space.
  • Bouchrein Regime - A hard line totalitarian power that rules through military might and oppression. Actively seeks to expand and convert new planets to it's brutal train of thought. The second of the two most powerful nation-states in explored space.
  • Katherian Federation - A benevolent power consisting of the insect races Ba'tal and Katherian. Part of the Tri-Alliance with the CommonWealth and Sunleague. More advanced in technology than most other nation-states.
  • Supremacon - Very socialistic, militaristic and fascist. Constantly seeks expansion through military means and has full support of its people.

  • Current:  Year   Month  Day
              20,223/   4/   39


    Brought to you by Starline News Inc.

    20,223 /03 /19 -Trancom /Goliath

    Recent talks betweens mediators of the CommonWealth and the Supremacon resumed today after being stalled for a month. The talks are on proposed military cuts for both nation-states.
    The proposed reductions would cut Supremacon tank forces by 1/3. In turn the CommonWealth would cease further production of it's model 16 Aries aerospace fighter. Currently Supremacon forces have 5,073,000 tanks while the CommonWealth only has 2,920,000.
    Confidential sources within the CommonWealth have said that the cuts were devised more for certain individuals to gain political popularity than for military reasons.
    Other proposals that were touched on was the possibility of limiting troop strength and placing a ceiling limit on the number of strategic-slip missiles each navy may possess.
    20,223 /03 /01 -Port Sellius /Saint Christopher's Planet

    CommonWealth colonial forces have arrested Joshua Carter of Port Sellius in connection with the 20,222/8/39 stabbing of Perry Reardon.
    Carter is charged with Primary-Degree Murder and is being held at the Port Sellius Correctional Facility.


    20,223 /04 /01 - Bidter /New Haven

    Starting on 05/22 and running till 06/23 the fabled Ellian collection will be on display to the public.
    For the first time since their discovery on the colonial planet Burry 5 years ago, the one dozen 12 sided disks and their attendant artifacts will be open to public viewing in the Moritimer Gallery of Arts in the Gladi Room, the Wore Room, and the Kur Room.
    The 12 sided disks, made of plasma-crystal with engraved symbols, caused a stir in the xenoculture world when first uncovered. Their discovery disproved popular theory that the Ellian species was the first and only race called the Ancients.
    The disks were believed to have been part of a crown given as a token of servitude to the previously unknown race called the Signis.


    20,223 /04 /20 -Darcell /Inces

    The legendary Muse X will perform live at the Labvell theater as part of his current Imperial Fringe Tour.
    Muse X, a long time favorite of the youth, with his heavy beat and twisting syi-phone rhythms, is expected to sell out his 05/24 performance on Inces.


    Grav Hockey

    Zan Docer, right forward for the Star Blazers, scored 5 of the 10 points in the hotly contested game against the Comet Hunters this last week.
    A'rakth of the Hunters tipped in his fourth hat-trick this season with an assist from his team mate KR'nt.
    Light Runners rookie defense Lease Kreeg scored the games highlight point by stealing the puck from the Dippers in the Runner's goal-end and then after making a fast break was able to score on the Ice Dippers bringing the final score to a tie.
    Liner Jakab scored 1 point to bring her goal total to 15 this season. Manager of the Ice Dippers, Ron Voltisyth, said he was just happy that Liner Jakab has proved many skeptics wrong about her ability and that she has a promising future in the SHL.


    20,222 /10 /08 -Institute of Hydro Knowledge /Langre

    A shattering discovery by Katherian scientists last year brought them a step closer to matter transportation. Working along the same lines as CommonWealth researches the Katherians overcame a problem that stumped the CommonWealth in the same field.
    Many economic and military sources say that whoever gains the ability to transport matter instantaneously shall have a major advantage in interstellar trade and have a military tool with implications that are far-reaching.
    William Knight: ANWTK@acad2.alaska.edu

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