Heimdall's Q3A Page

Fancy logos and look-n-feel forthcoming, eventually. If I ever get the free time, and I don't have maps to work on, anyways ;-)


I fixed an oops in the .pk3 file for the railmap (please re-fetch it) -- I screwed up the levelshot, of all things.

I've also done the conversion, so there is a rocket-only version of the map. It's also quite intense, but it's a different intensity. See the shots above, and check it out!


I have (obviously) been a lot busy with other stuff. One of the things which has been consuming what little time I've had for mapping is Tremulous. It is an honor to be tapped, I just hope I live up to expectations. :-)

I have fixed the texturing misalignments I am aware of in the railmap. It is otherwise unchanged. Whew! With that out of the way, I'll release the rocket version next week.

It can be fetched from here.


It's been way too long. I've been a little busy with other stuff. Ah well...

OK, here's the third and (hopefully) final beta, unless someone notices a real problem. I'm planning on two "special editions" of the map. One will add some levels, the other will replace the railguns and slugs with rocket launchers and rockets (ooooh, aaaah).

The new features: the armors were switched, the four healths up top were switched to two minor healths and two ammos, and some silly little lights were added under the ramps.

As a special treat, and an apology, here's a sneak preview:

As you can see, it's really not very pretty yet (thus the desire to not release screenshots ;-) ), but the gameplay is probably there now. I've sent it off to the Aggression guy for gameplay evaluation. If he signs off on it, I'll clean up the appearance. My hope is to get a beta up on his server by next week. Whee! =)

The idea is that the little box is the smaller ship (offense), and the larger mish-mash is the bigger ship (defense). The offense drops in, destroys five things, presses a button, and destroys the final objective. The defense, of course, tries to keep that from happening.


OK, re-textured (and slightly modified) my first real Deathmatch map. It's now mostly complete, and not as hard (IMO) on the eyes. You can grab it here. I haven't yanked the old one, but you would be advised to replace the old .pk3 with this one.

I tried to get a screenshot that captured the intensity that the map has with 4-6 players (which is probably the right amount). The second one has a feeling for how fast'n'furious the rails are (and what angles they might be coming from). However, the screenshot below rams it home, I think.

As you can see, the theme is a lot darker. I know it looks blocky, but that's what I was trying for. I'm not 100% convinced of the current lighting. I've been considering adding a couple lights over ammo on the lower level.

Bot support, an improved (now it's correct!) levelshot, and a name ("Homer's Railgun Wars (redux)"), which strikes me as being correct. If anyone has an active e-mail address for Dave "Homer" Waters, please let me know.

I think all the textures are custom at this point. The metal is stolen (and darkened) from the pewter_shiney in base_trim, the pulser is an adaptation of a fairly standard pulsing glow. I may slow it down, it looks a little fast to me...

Complaints, suggestions, etc. are welcome, of course. I don't expect to do more than one more revision before declaring it complete and moving on to focus on other maps.


No, there's not a new map release. I didn't have as much time to map as I would have liked. However, here are some screenshots on the first real map I started, back when q3radiant for Linux was an unreleased product. It's not textured correctly (yet), but the geometry is there. There's still a building to add, digital camera to whip out so that the buildings look correct, but it's a start...

It's a map of the office complex that Loki resides in :-)

In other news, I'm experimenting with the look for the Railgun Wars re-make (below). I've been thinking of pulsing footlights, instead of the racing pulse. It fits the theme better...

Also, one of the reasons I did so little with either the Loki HQ map or the already released DM map is because I spent a lot of time working on a map for a potentially very cool mod: Q3 Aggression. It's an adaptation of UT Assault for Q3, written by a friend and co-worker from my previous job. Unfortunately, it (severely) lacks maps.

The gameplay on my map is reaching where I want it to be, so I'm hoping to sprinkle some items in and ask for some opinions on the gameplay before I set to making it pretty. Think of a smaller spaceship attached to a larger ship, with the smaller ship invading the larger ship in order to take it over...


First Beta of a map! (Done with Q3Radiant for Linux)

The map is available here and it has bot support (.aas) and a levelshot. The texturing remains to be completed, but I'm more interested in the gameplay now. (Update: That means that I do know that the textures do not look very good. I know what I want to do, but it's more important to have other people commenting on the gameplay than to have it looking really pretty.)

For those who think this map looks familiar, it is. Consider it an unsanctioned homage to Dave 'Homer' Waters, who has done a large number of very fun Q2 maps. This is a re-creation of Homers15 (available from here), which was one of my favorite levels to play on in Q2 =)

Hope he doesn't mind ;-)

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