Witch Vocation

(Spiritual Trait)

SEC 1-6, 4 at start

Here is a version of the witch vocation. Because of the variety of powers attributed to witches, there can be no truly definitive description of the witch. This version is a mishmash of movies, novels, medievil history, Shakespeare and Walt Disney. Most importantly, it creates and intresting and dramatic adversary, and a challenge for HP's of almost any power level. I hope you can make use of it. PS. I'm the nets worst speller and don't have ( or can't find ) a spell checker so you'll have bear with me. :-)

The witch, or for males, warlock, is a malign and evil spellweaver that secretly commits her foul practices under the cover of the peasant masses. A coven of witches disguise themselves as commoners, in small villages and large cities, working at unknown evil plots and strange rituals. Witches are makers of evil spells and curses, but also masters of subtlety and manipulation. It is ironic that with their powers of subtle deception, a true witch is probably the least likely to be accused of practicing withcraft. To understand the witch, think of deception, secrecy, pacts, curses, Hex, evil spirits, ingredients and cauldrons.

Note that this vocation represents devoted and powerful witches, the most powerful forming pacts with evil ( p12 MM ). Some others dabble in witchcraft by adding witchcraft, and two or three other skills from this list to their normal abilities. These "hedge witches" can be just as, or even more dangerous than the witch vocation because of their lack of control and understanding of the evil spirits they release.

K/S Area                    Base STEEP                Attribute
Witchcraft *                    24                      SMCap
Deception                       20                      MRCap
Conjuration *                   16              ( SMPow + SPPow * 0.5 )
Demonology *                    16                      MMCap
Domestic Arts & Sciences        16              ( MMCap + MRCap * 0.5 )
Magnetism                       16                      SPPow
Occultism *                     16                      SMCap
Sorcery *                       16                      SMCap
Alchemy *                       12                      SMCap
Disguise                        12                      PNCap
Fortune Telling *               12                      SPCap
Herbalism *                     12                      SMCap
Criminal Activities, Mental      8                      MMCap
Impersonation                    8                      SMPow
Influence                        8                      MRCap
Pharee Flora & Fauna             8                      MMCap
Toxicology                       8                      MMCap
Criminal Activities, Physical    4              ( PMCap + PNCap * 0.5 )
Foreign Language ( Goblintalk )  4                      MMCap
Legerdemain                      4                      PNCap
Poetry / Lyrics *                4                      SMCap
Street-Wise                      4                      SPCap

            Base STEEP Total   248

Adventure Idea

After a series of strange, evil incedents in a large rural village, a friend/relative/absent party member, is accused of practicing witchcraft and locked up until the next holy day, when they will be burnt at the stake. The party must embark on a desperate witch hunt against time, exposing the coven members one by one. The leader turns out to be quite unexpected. Someone they know..... The witch coven will be crafty and evasive, leading the HP's astray at every turn.

Have fun, I realise a witch vocation may have been sent here before, but this version may give a different point of view, or some new ideas. Remember, the powers of a witch are as varied as they are mysterious.

Vocation created by Tony Martin (u9349901@uow.edu.au)