Wealthy Landowner

(Spiritual Trait)

SEC Range 6-9 Starting SEC 7

This Bundle is generally the combination of a businessman and explorer. Tending to business is the primary concern; however, there is time for social visiting and land exploration/appraisal. The landowner must be suited for caring for people, livestock, and property effectively and profitably. Not completely suited for adventuring, with a few choice k/s areas this OP could be a strong assist to any group looking for strong support and financial aid. Recommended areas include: Green Dweomercraeft, Magick, Travel, Mountain Climbing, and Herbalism. Words one should keep in mind when roleplaying a landowner include: profit, fair management, equity, and preserving natural resources.

Judging                 20        (SMC + SPC)/2
Appraisal               20        MRC
Economics/F/I           16        (MMC + MRC)/2
Hunting/Tracking        16        PNC
Nature Attunement       16        SPC
Influence               16        MRC
Animal Handling         12        SPPow
Astronomy *             12        MRC
Surveying/Topography    12        MRC
Survival                12        PMC
Business Administratn.  12        (MMC + MRC)/2
Cultured Palette        12        PNC
Charismaticism           8        SPC
Leadership               8        SMC
Swimming/Diving          8        (PNC + PMC)/2
Astrology *              8        SMC
Combat Hand Weapons      8        (PNC + PMC)/2
Domestic Arts & Sci.     8        (MMC + MRC)/2
Ecology/Natural Sci.     8        MMC
Jury Rigging             4        SMC
Foriegn Lang.            4        MMC
Foriegn Lang.            4        MMC
Magnetism                4        SPPow
First Aid                4        PNC
Handicrafts/Handiworks   4        PNC

This vocation was compiled by John Teske (teskej@DGABBY.MFLDCLIN.EDU).