To help facilitate the creation of these heroic persona vocations a new character creation rule is needed: RESTRICTED SUB-AREAS
Vocation Category         Level Range      HP SEC at Start      TRAIT
 Spy                        1-7                3                Mental 


Spy: The spy is an intriguing and formidable HP. The spy fits well in campaigns involved in politics, war, and other "noble" endeavors. The spy combines a knowledge of foreign lands with thieving abilities to be able to complete any mission they might encounter. This vocation is based around the mental TRAIT, but also has enough physical skills to help them in tight situations. Think of double-crosses, intrigue, sabotage, quick thinking, and covert action when creating your spy.

Spy Vocation (Physical TRAIT)

K/S Area                             Base Steep    Attribute
Espionage                               20         (MMCap+MRCap) x0.5s
Criminal Activities, Mental             16         MMCap *s
Criminal Activities, Physical           16         (PMCap+PNCap) x0.5*s
Deception                               16         MRCap*
Disguise                                16         PNCap
Escape                                  16         (PMCap+PNCap) x0.5
Combat, Hand Weapons                    12         (PMCap+PNCap) x0.5s
Criminology                             12         MRCap
Cryptography                            12         (MMCap+MRCap) x0.5
Etiquette Social Graces                 12         MMCap
Foreign Language: [choice]              12         MMCap*
Linguistics                             12         MRCap
Police Work                             12         (PMCap+PNCap) x0.5s
Combat Hand Weapons, Missile             8         (PMCap+PNCap) x0.5s
Foreign Language: [choice]               8         MMCap*
Geography/Foreign Lands                  8         MMCap
Influence                                8         MRCap s
Streetwise                               8         SPCap *s
Travel                                   8         (PMCap+PNCap) x0.5
Combat, Hand-to-Hand, Lethal             4         (PMCap+PNCap) x0.5s
Current Events                           4         (MRPow+MMPow) x0.5
Divination*                              4         SPCap *s
Engineering, Military                    4         (MMCap+MRCap) x0.5
Surveillance/Security                    4         PNCap
Toxicology                               4         MMCap

Base STEEP Total                        256

Created by: Glen R. Martin (75050.2421@CompuServe.COM)