Priest Vocation

(Priests of Gods of the Hunt)

Here is the first one of specific vocations for priest worshipping specific kinds of deities. This list of K/S Areas should work for any priest that follows a deity of the hunt.

K/S Areas                       Base Steep              Attributes
Priestcraeft(Ethos of Moonlight) 24 SMCap Religion* 24 SMCap Hunting/Tracking 24 PNCap Combat,Hand Weapons,Missile 20 (PMCap+PNCap)x.5 Ecology/Nature Science 16 MMCap Nature Attunement 16 SPCap Pantheology* 16 SMCap Survival 16 PMCap Combat,HTH,Lethal 12 (PMCap+PNCap)x.5 Combat,Hand Weapons 12 (PMCap+PNCap)x.5 Endurance* 12 PNCap Metaphysics* 12 SMCap Mountain Climbing 12 (PMPow+PNPow)x.5 Combat,HTH,Non-lethal 8 (PMCap+PNCap)x.5 First Aid 8 PNCap Leatherwork 8 PNCap Swimming/Diving 8 (PMCap+PNCap)x.5 Total Steep 248

So guys, tell me what you think because I am working on some others

Created by Chad Horsley (CWICK@UKANVAX.BITNET)