To help facilitate the creation of these heroic persona vocations a new character creation rule is needed: RESTRICTED SUB-AREAS
Vocation Category         Level Range      HP SEC at Start      TRAIT
 Monk, Martial, Oriental    1-9                4                Physical

Monk, Martial, Oriental: Monks posses an interesting array of talents. The monk is excellent in unarmed and non-lethal physical combat. The monk is centered around the physical TRAIT, but has a variety of spiritual, and mental skills as well. They also posses limited priestly abilities. Monks are personas that are thoughtful, honorable, and stoic. Try to think of a balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual sides of the monk when creating the HP. Monks tend to use speed over might, think of this when deciding where to place attribute scores (PN attributes should tend to be higher then PM attributes).

The monk strives to be at one with nature, theirs surroundings, and the cosmos. This vocation tends to use physical force as a last resort. When force is needed the monk is properly trained to deal with most threats.

Monk, Martial, Oriental Vocation (Physical TRAIT)

K/S Area                             Base Steep    Attribute
Combat, Hand-to-Hand, Non-Lethal        24         (PMCap+PNCap) x0.5
Combat, Hand-to-Hand, Lethal            24         (PMCap+PNCap) x0.5s
Medicine, Oriental                      20         (SMCap+SPCap) x0.5
Priestcraeft*                           16         SMCap*
Religion*                               16         SMCap*
Acupuncture                             12         PNCap
Acrobatics/Gymnastics                   12         (PMCap+PNCap) x0.5s
Combat, Hand Weapons                    12         (PMCap+PNCap) x0.5s
Criminal Activities, Physical r         12         (PMCap+PNCap) x0.5*s
Endurance*                              12         (PMPow+PNPow) x0.5*
Education                               10         (MMCap+MRCap) x0.5
Foreign Language: [choice]               8         MMCap*
History                                  8         MMCap*
Logic                                    8         MRCap
Nature Attunement                        8         SPCap *s
Pantheology*                             8         SMCap *s
Survival                                 8         PMCap*
Yoga*                                    8         SMCap*
Apotropaism*                             8         (MMCap+MRCap) x0.5*s
Divination*                              8         SPCap *s
Demonology*                              4         MMCap*
Exorcism*                                4         SMCap*

Base STEEP Total                        250
(Only the sub-areas of Sneaking, Hiding, and Ambushing may be chosen under Criminal Activities, Physical)
Created by: Glen R. Martin (75050.2421@CompuServe.COM)