Miner/Prospector Vocation

(Physical Trait)

SEC 1-5, 3 at start (2 for prospector).

This vocation takes two forms. A miner is employed by government or business to oversee mining operations, usually conducted by slaves or criminals. A prospector, on the other hand, is a solitary wanderer looking for that one 'lucky strike' before retiring to a life of luxury. While the miner may not be well suited for a HP Vocation, a prospector could easily shift toward other professions should prospects for a claim dry up. This Vocation is quite focused in Physical K/S Areas, although there is a number of Mental K/S Areas to round out the bundle. Typically, only the lower and middle classes will consider mining or prospecting as a potential Vocation, hoping that they may achieve higher status through the find of a rich vein of ore. Prospectors in particular will find their outlook changed by the discovery of sudden wealth. When playing such a persona, think of hazardous work, digging, darkness, claim, and 'strike it rich'.

K/S Area                     Base STEEP       ATTRIBUTE
Mines & Mining                  24              PMCap
Geology/Minerology              20              MMCap
Engineering                     16         (MMCap+MRCap)x0.5
Speleology                      16              PMCap
Appraisal                       12              MRCap
Endurance*                      12         (PMPow+PNPow)x0.5
Gambling                        12         (MMCap+MRCap)x0.5
Gemology                        12              MMCap
Handicrafts/Handiworks          12              PNCap
Jack-Of-All-Trades              12              PMCap
Jury Rigging                    12              SMCap
Mechanics                       12              PMCap
Mountain Climbing               12         (PMPow+PNPow)x0.5
Subterranean Orientation        12              PNCap
Surveying/Topography            12              MRCap
Combat, Hand Weapons             8         (PMCap+PNCap)x0.5
Survival                         8              PMCap
Divination*                      4              SPCap
Tolerance                        4              PNPow

This was composed by S Gullerud (gullerud@leland.Stanford.EDU).