The Investigator

(created by AJ Schmidt)

Physical Trait SEC 4-8 SEC at Start 5

This vocation is the answer to the super-sleuth in the Mythus Campaign.

This person resorts to myriad abilities in order to solve crimess and prosecute offenders. The role of this OP is very well-defined and can be used in a variety of situations from the bumbling detective to the greatly-assistive private eye. The feasibility of the HP use is, of course dependent on the JM but with a total of 264 base STEEP, it is not unreasonable. This type of persona would be quite helpful, and I find it very adaptable to many situations. To summarize some of the ideas to give this character life, think of archetypal Investigators such as Sherlock Holmes, Columbo, The Harts (of Hart to Hart), Charlie Chan, Ms. Marple, or Murder She Wrote. Many others could also be listed. The main modification ate the addition of information-gathering spell-casting areas of Divination and Fortune Telling, which would be fine and needed additions for a heka active campaign, and accepted methods as part of the means of investigation.

K/S                                 Base STEEP     Attribute
Criminology                             20            MRCap
Surveillance/Security                   16            PNCap
Police WOrk                             16            (PMCap+PNCap)x0.5
Logic                                   16            MRCap
Law                                     16            (MMCap+MRCap)x0.5
Hunting Tracking                        12            PNCap
Criminal Activities, Physical           12            (PMCap+PNCap)x0.5
Espionage                               12            (MMCap+MRCap)x0.5
Combat, HW                              12            (PMCap+PNCap)x0.5
Combat HtH NL                           12            (PMCap+PNCap)x0.5
Streetwise                              12            SPCap
Divination                               8            SPCap
Fortune Telling                          8            SPCap
Perception Physical                      8            MRCAP
Escape                                   8            (PMCap+PNCap)x0.5
Survival                                 8            PMCap
Criminal Activities, Mental              8            MMCap
Deception                                8            MRcap
Current Events                           8            (MMPow+MRPow)x0.5
Gambling                                 4            (MMCap+MRCap)x0.5
Foreign Language                         4            MMCap
Foreign Language                         4            MMCap
Influence                                4            MRCap
Biography/Geneology                      4            MMCap
Handicrafts/Handiworks                   4            PNCap
Tolerance                                4            PNPow
Cultured Palate                          4            PNCap

As you can see, this persona is adaptive to a variety of situations. The STEEP total is just a bit higher than most because of the many demads on this sort of Persona and the great variety of trait scores used.

Some suggested k/s additions might be:
Mental: Appraisal, History, Hypnotism, Literature
Physical: Combat HW Missle, Combat HtH Lethal, First Aid, Travel, Disguise
Spiritual: Alchemy, Impersonation, Buffoonery, Magnetism, Leadership.

Created by: A.J. Schmidt (via John Teske <>)