Trait: Spiritual
SEC Range: 2-7
SEC At Start: 3

The Geisha is a Spiritual TRAIT Vocation who specializes in the arts of entertainment and manipulation. They are trained from a very early age in the fields of music, subterfuge, conversation, and art.

Geisha's usually worked and lived within a single house from the day they begin their training. Often they are sold to a Geisha House by their own families, and sometimes even join through personal choice. Though a Geisha can purchase her own contract, they require a permit to leave the House. Though it is more likely that the Geisha is will be purchased by one of their own clients.

It is rare to find a Geisha outside the confines of her House due to her contract and her inability to survive on her own. Though there have been cases that the skills of subterfuge have been put to use, the Geisha will usually be found traveling with a master.

        K/S                                             Base STEEP
        -------------------------------------------     ----------
        Charismaticism                                          20
        Magnetism                                               20
        Etiquette/Social Graces                                 16
        Nature Attunement                                       16
        Music                                                   16
        Thespianism                                             16
        Spellsongs                                              16
        Influence                                               16
        Cultured Palate                                         12
        Poetry/Lyrics                                           12
        Musical Composition                                     12
        Foreign Language                                        12
        Foreign Language                                        12
        Domestic Arts                                            8
        Painting (Artistic)                                      8
        Games, Mental                                            8
        Literature                                               8
        Combat, Hand-to-Hand, Lethal                             8
        Mysticism                                                8
        Herbalism                                                4
        Buffoonery                                               4
        Philosopy                                                4
        Gambling                                                 4

Though play-tested several times, this Vocation was primarily designed as an OP.

© 1995 by Teneray Clark
Reproduction granted to advocates of Dangerous Journeys(tm) Mythus(tm).

Teneray Clari, via Jeff Sharpe