Forester (Physical)

SEC REQUIRED: 1 - 7 HP's Starting SEC: 4
K/S Area                    STEEP    ATTRIBUTE
Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile 20     (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5 s
Ecology/Nature Science        20     MMCap
Hunting/Tracking              20     PNCap
Navigation                    20     (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5
Combat, Hand Weapons          16     (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5 s
Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal       16     (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
Nature Attunement             16     SPCap #s
Perception(Mental)            16     PNCap s
Survival                      16     PMCap #
Endurance*                    16     (PMPow + PNPow) x 0.5 #
First Aid                     12     PNCap #
Handicrafts/Handiwork         12     PNCap
Leatherwork                   12     PNCap     
Botany                         8     MMCap
Criminal Activities, Physical  8     (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5 #s1
Zoology                        8     MMCap     
Espionage                      4     (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5 s
Foreign Language               4     MMCap #   
Surveillance/Security          4     PNCap
Geography/Foreign Lands        4     MMCap

*Heka-producing K/S Area. (See the Mythus Magic book.)

See page 101 of the Mythus book for a complete list of Foreign Languages of Aerth. See Foreign Language K/S Area description (page 147 of the Mythus book) for complete information regarding cross-language ability, etc.

s indicates that the K/S has Sub-Areas.

# indicates that the K/S in question works somehow differently than the others, such as in the rate the Sub-Areas are gained.

1 The only allowable Sub-Areas are sneaking, hiding, and ambush.

The forester also known as a protector, warden, or overseer serves a government as a guardian or lawman in a designated area of wilderness or natural resources, and they may take on the role of scout then becoming the eyes and ears of an army in the case of war. To a lesser extent, the forester may be used as a spy on a border where conflict or possible conflict exists. Although, the forester spends most if his time alone and on-the-move, it would be incorrect to assume that he is a recluse. Further, the forester's love for the wilderness and outdoors may bring him to a specific location, but it is his duty that pushes him into service. Between passion and honor, he chooses to live the harsh existence as well as accepts the challenges of the wild. The country, environment, available resource, and state of war dictates the role of the forester.

This is one of few vocations where a slave with aptitude can become a freeman. Even though, foresters can come form the lower aristocracy, it is a step down in social class, for the forester spends a great deal of his time alone in the wilderness or on the move. This does not allow those with high social class the time to maintain their personal relationships that are required to maintain such a high social economic class.

Since the forester tends to work great distances from the nearest township, some governments give the forester law enforcement powers that of a magistrate. Foresters that do have such law enforcement ability must check in with the government at least annually. However, in countries that give such power to a forester, these same countries will severely punish those foresters that misuse their power, or are in derelict of duty.

All foresters are skilled in nature, hunting, missile weapons, and the like. The type of missile weapon used are dictated by environment, resource, and country that the forester resides. The vocation is attuned to his environment and observant making it difficult to surprise him. Further, he rarely gets lost. It is said "If a forester is hunting you, he will find you. And, if he attacks you with a missile weapon and misses, run away because he missed on purpose."

Created by: Mike Wittek (<>)