K/S Area			    Base Steep
Charismaticism				16
Current Events				16
Deception				16
Espionage				16
Influence				16
Political Science			16
Public Administration			16
Biography / Genealogy			12
Cryptography				12
Cultured Palate				12
History					12
Law					12
Magnetism				12
Disguise				8
Economics/Finance/Investing		8
Impersonation				8
Combat, (Player Choice)			8
Criminal Activities, Mental		8
Criminal Activities, Physical		8
Escape					8
Foreign Language (Player Choice)	4
Foreign Language (Player Choice)	4
Lip Reading & Sign Language		4
Military Science			4
Total:					264 (including the special ones, below)

In addition, since the court is not an "all business" environment, the player, in consultation with the JM, will decide on two of the following courtly K/S Areas with a beginning STEEP of 4. This choice will depend largely on the flavor of the court to which the courtier is to be sent.

The Courtier is part diplomat part spy. However, he relies more upon his social position than upon skullduggery in obtaining information. He is sent, by his lord or nation, to participate in the court of another land and to gather what intelligence he may. Starting SEC range is 4 - 8. Key words for the vocation include: negotiation, diplomacy, treaties, espionage, covert activities, secret messages, great escapes, and social graces.

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