Conjuror Vocation

(Mental Trait)

SEC 3-9, 6 at start

Author's Notes: Here's another vocation for you guys. It's a good one for adventuring purposes, and I think it fills a gap in the vocations presented in Mythus. I've always felt that Conjurers should have their own vocation, and I've classified it as part of the Dweomercraefter category. I hope it fits your needs.

The Conjurer is a specialized form of dweomercraefter. Rather thantaking the "standard" magickal courses of his or her peers, he or shelearns how to invoke and control beings and spirits from other planes and spheres, such as elementals, shadow-creatures, spirits, animals, undead, Phaeree-kind, and outer-planar beings of Cthonic, Supernial, and Pandemonic nature, as other-planar forces and effects. They use such powers toperform services and tasks for others. When designing this persona, think of oracluar knowledge, demands of service, invocations, feats of wonder,pentacles, receptive circles, tools of power, entertaining tricks, exaction, abjuration, spiritual entrapment, the structure of the multiverse, the outer planes, Preternatural and Supernatural servants, other-planar activity, and the like.

For persona development, this vocation is best used as the base for the true Conjurer, as well as Enchanters, Invocators, and Thaumaturges (if of Full Practice). Sorcerors and Demonurgists too could be created via this vocation. One could also use this as the base for an Adept or Hermaturge-- although the alchemy portions would be overshadowed by the Conjuring in these cases.

N.B. This is a MENTAL vocation, even though the actual K/S area of Conjuration is a Spiritual one. As the practioner is considered to have specialized in Dweomercraeft, with related skills in that area, it makes sense to classify this vocation as Mental...otherwise, it would lean more towards what's already covered in the game system by the Theurgist vocation.

K/S Areas                         Base STEEP     ATTRIBUTE
Aportropism*                            12       (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5*
Cryptography                            12       (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5
Demonology*                             16       MMCap*
Dweomercraeft(1)*                       24       MMCap*s
Foreign Language, Arcane Magickal       12       MMCap*
Foreign Language, Hiero-AEgyptian       12       MMCap*
Influence                               12       MRCap s
Mathematics                             8        MMCap
Combat, Hand Weapons                    4        (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
Handicrafts/Handiwork                   8        PNCap
Survival                                4        PMCap*
Alchemy*                                8        SMCap*
Astrology*                              12       SMCap*
Conjuration*                            24       (SMPow + SPPow) x 0.5*
Divination*                             8        SPCap*s
Exorcism*                               12       SMCap*
Metaphysics*                            16       SMCap*
Multiversal Planes/Spheres              16       SPCap s
Occultism*                              16       SMCap*
Pantheology*                            12       SMCap*s
Religion*                               8        SMCap*
Total                                   248

s This K/S area has sub-areas
* This K/S area works differently than "standard" ones. See the individual K/S area description for details.

(1) The persona, in addition to getting knowledge in the general castings, gets a choice of one of the schools (sub-areas), as the conjurer is considered to have formal Dweomercraeft training. This school will usually determine what types of beings the conjurer will specialize in. Note that most on AErth choose the elemental school, with the gray school being a close second for the more "hedge-conjurer" showman types. Note that the user has the standard chance of gaining Full Practice ability-- such Conjurers are usually dubbed Thaumaturges.

Vocation created by John R. Troy (