The following is what my group designed for the traveling bard... I hope it is useful.


(Spiritual Trait)
Level Range: 1-7
Starting SEC: 4

K/S Area STEEP Trait
Spellsongs 24 Mental Music 24 Physical Combat, Hand Weapons 16 Physical Criminal Activities, Physical 16 Physical Musical Composition 16 Spiritual Poetry & Lyrics 16 Spiritual Street-Wise 16 Spiritual Charismaticism 12 Spiritual Criminal Activities, Mental 12 Mental Current Events 12 Mental Sociology/Culture 12 Mental Thespianism 12 Spiritual Travel 12 Physical Buffoonery 8 Spiritual Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile 8 Physical Geology/Foreign Lands 8 Mental Handicrafts/Handiwork 8 Physical History 8 Mental Jack of All Trades 8 Physical Foreign Language 4 Mental Foreign Language 4 Mental Total 256

The bard, a singing minstrel, fighter and rogue. A singer of wondrous places long since forgotten. Bards, because of their musical background, spend only 1 AP per STEEP on any KS Skills that are music related, these include; Spellsongs and Music. Bards use Physical as their secondary trait. Bards also may be full pratictioners. Full pratictioners that have both Dweomercrfft and Priestcrfft can only declare one of these as a primary casting area. There are no Bard-Mage-Priests.

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