(Physical Trait)

The artificer is a rare and respected individual. Typically found only in the larger cities of more the technologically advanced civilizations, the artificer is the supreme craftsman, capable of building devices of unparalleled creativity and utility. Each artificer is typically specialized with certain types of devices(i.e. some specialize in timepieces and/or locks, some in glassware for manipulation of light or specialized alchemical apparatus, some in weaponry, etc.) Not all artificers are necessarily of mechanical bent, some are simply highly skilled craftsmen, but the archetype refers more to the former. Not infrequently, these individuals are in the employ of the nobility or at least courted by them, for their skills and devices are always in demand. (Think of Faberge eggs and Swiss watches). This vocation is most apt for dwarves and humans. When playing, think dedication, mastery, creativity, unique, craft, intricate, patience, innovation, detail, moving parts, mechanics.

K/S Areas                       Beginning
Artifice                        20
Smithing/Welding                20
Arms&Armor                      16
Heka Forging*                   16
Mechanics                       16
Gemsmith/Lapidiary*             16
Alchemy*                        12
Cryptography                    12
Drawing                         12
Foreign Lang[choice]            12
Games, Mental                   12
Handicrafts/Handiwork           12
Influence                       12
Logic                           12
Mathematics                     12
Printing                        12
Street-Wise                     8
Survival                        8
Combat, Hand Weapons            4
Toxicology                      4

New K/S Area

Artifice(Crafting) This refers to the mechanical engineering of crafting small objects with multiple working parts, as opposed to other types of engineering or construction. Smithing/welding is absolutely required for use of this skill. This skill is rolled against twice. First, when any device is designed inititially, and the difficulty for this should be at least Hard(subject to JM adjucation), and second, each time each device is physically completed. Failure in the first case indicates a flawed plan, and the device will fail under even normal circumstances, failure in the second case may not be immediately apparent, and is essentially flawed workmanship. The second test should also have a co-test in smithing/welding, etc. as appropriate to the nature of the device to be built, but these tests should be considerably less difficult than the design test. If the second test fails, the result will be breakage at a critical time, and due to the need to protect their reputation, artificers typically test the items they make very thoroughly and extensively before selling them. Naturally, the difficulty of all tests should increase with the complexity of the device, and the more functions it is capable of.

Like Magick and Dweomercraft, Crafting is a specialized and powerful skill, requiring great dedication, and thus should not be very widespread or prevalent.

This area is most frequently used in making locks and traps.

Sample Devices

Leodoh's Dart Tube The dart jet is capable of projecting a missle of some sort with a considerable degree of force. The bore is approximately 1/2" across, and the tube is of strong steel, approximately 8 inches in length. The dart tube is powered by a powerful spring anchored in the base. The tube ejects the missle, when triggered with fully the force of a long bow. However, the compression of the spring allows for only 3"-4" projectiles, thus Leodoh uses various types of dart as ammunition, including enchanted darts that will superheat or shatter after striking the target, doing internal damage. The dart tube is typically concealed beneath the flowing robes of the artificer, and used to attack from surprise. He usually has at least two(one under each forearm) with him, and more if feeling particularly paranoid or threatened.

Leodoh is also known to have recently perfected a flame projector of some kind, with an attack range of over ten feet.

Jake's Locket Made by an artificer of Saxony after the assassin Jaques performed some special "favors" for him, the Locket appears to be nothing more than a finely engraved and enjewelled silver locket in which one might place the painted insert of a loved one, to be viewed on opening of the locket. However, if the back of the slim case is prised off in the appropriate manner(Easy if known, Very Difficult if not, and Extreme to discover by manual inspection if nature of locket is completely unknown) a full set of theives picks is exposed. These picks, although very slim, are formed from a steel adamantium alloy, making them stronger than normal picks and tools. Additionally, once the back and picks are removed, the glass covering for the painted representation will function as a lens, magickally amplifying ambient light levels by 25 times on the object of inspection(typically lock/keyhole/ trap) if there is any present, or provides the equivalent of weak candlelight radiance upon the object if there is no radiance present. These weaker abilities are usable once per day for about 1 AT. Each of the twelve small rubies set into the face and back of the locket acts as a heka resevior(as Heka Binding-Alchemy VIII) containing 5 points each(60 Heka total), each regenerating one point of heka per day. The locket is enchanted to use this Heka as in either the form of a Treacherous Blow Formula or Pilfer Charm(both Black School II). Each is usable almost instantly, but each is resticted to no more than one use per two days. Lastly (and most sinister) the locket contains a 1" hollow needle with a Springblade enchantment and small resevoir for poison . One might use this by presenting the picture to someone and activating the Treacherous Blow, then activate Springblade and stab, attacking with surprise, almost surely injecting the poison and killing the victim.

It also bears a number of minor enchantments against scratching and dirt, including Resiliency, which help to confuse the truly astute looking for the source of heka aura.

In spite of this, after three successful and shocking assassinations, it is now imfamous and it's description is widely known.

Author's Note - This is intended as more of an OP Vocation, but I see no reason why it could not be availible to HPs.
Created by: Chris Calvert (<>)