by Teneray Clarke & Jeff Sharpe<>

Trait: Physical
SEC Range: 1-6
SEC At Start: 2
Vocation Group: Arms

After choosing to be in the Arms vocation, you desire your Heroic Persona to be more specialized than the standard Soldier or Mercenary vocation - try the Archer instead!

In general, Archers are professionally trained foot soldiers tied to a state, or another body whom can afford a standing army, that have had the added training necessary to specialize in missile weapons. Often, these military specialists use light armour and weapons and are not trained in close action conflicts, as are the Infantry vocation. Some countries have reserves or a militia with Archer units which rely upon native skills, yet these are far from standard. Often utilized from a rear, or flank, position, these units can be lethal if used effectively.

Though, these troops can be used competently in garrison duty, it is in mass that the killing effect is best utilized. Combined with the speed of light troops, these units are often found amongst the hills and plains of a sovereign state. Many countries took the use of these troops to a different level and lowered the size of the baggage train to almost nil, forcing these troops to live off the land (or other necessary means).

Who can forget the brilliant triumph of Albion's Henry V over the overwhelming forces of Francia and Marshal Boucicault's new plan to disrupt the Archers of Albion near the tiny town of Agincourt. Outnumbered 3 to 1, Henry V's bold initiative in advancing to occupy a strong position won over the Francia lords who jostled for glory. They only found slaughter or capture. The Archers of Albion could rapid shoot a dozen missles in the air in a minute and stop a cavalry charge in its tracks.

        K/S                             Base STEEP
        ------------------------------- ----------
        Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile           20
        Criminal Activities, Physical           16
        Escape                                  16
        Gambling                                16
        Handicraft/Handiwork                    16
        Hunting/Tracking                        16
        Survival                                16
        Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal                 12
        Combat, HTH, Lethal                     12
        Combat, Hand Weapons                    12
        Criminal Activities, Mental             12
        Deception                               12
        First Aid                               12
        Games, Mental                           12
        Jack-of-all-Trades                      12
        Military Science                        12
        Foreign Language                         8
        Foreign Language                         8
        Travel                                   8

Closely related to the Soldier/Mercenary vocation, the Archer has few differences and those he does have are fairly obvious.

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