Seafarer Vocation

(Physical Trait)

Seamanship              30 P
Navigation              25 M
Boating                 25 P
Combat, Hand Weapons    20 P
Combat, HTH Non-lethal  20 P
First Aid               20 P
Street-wise             20 S
Jury-Rigging            15 S
Handicrafts/Handiwork   15 P
Foreign Language*       10 M
*player's choice

Seamanship allows the sailing of any sailing vessel of any size (provided it's not really non-standard), as well as the basics of nautical navigation, handling vessels in storms, etc.
Navigation allows precise location via chart/map and compass/sextant, either on land or at sea. It also gives a rudimentary sense of direction and heading.

Seafarers are relatively skilled sailors (the new sailors aboard ships would probably have most of these K/S areas at half or quarter the STEEP). They are typically more at home on a sailing vessel than on shore.

Suggested bonus K/S Areas: another Foreign Language, Combat HTH Lethal, Fortune Telling, and Survival.

This vocation was created by Mike Phillips (