Pirate Vocation

(Physical Trait)

Combat, HTH Lethal      30 P
Combat, Hand Weapons    25 P
Combat, Hnd Wpn Missile 25 P
Navigation              20 M
Seamanship              20 P
Survival                20 P
Crim Activ, Physical    20 P
First Aid               15 P
Jury-Rigging            15 S
Crim Activ, Mental      10 M

Seamanship allows the sailing of any sailing vessel of any size (provided it's not really non-standard), as well as the basics of nautical navigation, handling vessels in storms, etc.
Navigation allows precise location via chart/map and compass/sextant, either on land or at sea. It also gives a rudimentary sense of direction and heading.

Pirates are sea-faring bandits, plying the high seas for fame, fortune, and probably an early demise. They have been romanticized figures for a long time, and this Vocation results in a better-than-average pirate.

Suggested bonus K/S Areas: Foreign Language (at least one, two or three is more appropriate), Arms & Armor, Handicrafts/Handiwork, Fortune Telling, and Gambling.

This vocation was created by Mike Phillips (msphil@widomaker.com)