Chirurgeon Vocation

(Mental Trait)

Anatomy                 30 M
Biology                 25 M
First Aid               25 P
Botany                  20 M
Foreign Language        20 M
Herbalism*              20 M
Toxicology              20 M
Jury-Rigging            15 S
Combat, Hand Weapons    15 P
Medicine, Veterinary    10 M

Note: Anatomy simply allows the capability of understanding the biology of humans. This is distinguished from Biology, which is all sorts of animals, and should be limited by the appropriate technological/knowledge level (i.e. ancient Egyptians in 3000 BC probably don't understand how neurons fire)

Chirurgeons focus on non-magickal Healing and nurturing, althoughmost will, in a Heka-active environment, at least be familiar withthe Castings that involve healing and curing poisons and the like.

This vocation was created by Mike Phillips (