Information culled from a message posted by John Troy ( to Mythus-L on May 30, 1996.

Some notes about attributes, extrapolated from the Opening of the Phaeree Beastiary...

Potency Level

This table denotes the absolute maximum limits to attributes that a possible for a being in the Mythus game system. They are ranks for the gods. The first Rank (Potency) includes all mundane creatures--Potency's are at the upper end of the scale.

Thus, a non-deital being can only have a maximum mental or spiritual Category of 120, and a M or S trait total of 240. If the HPG or MPG has more, the being in question is Quasi-Deitial in nature. Journey Masters should take this into account when developing creatures for the game.

By Rank Mental Physical Spiritual
1) Potency 40 30 40
2) Quasi-deity 50 40 50
3) Demigod 60 50 60
4) Minor deity 70 60 70
5) Lesser deity 80 70 80
6) Major deity 90 80 90
7) Great deity 100 90 100
8) Greater deity 110 100 110
9) Greatest deity 120 110 120

There is an exception to the rule, of course.

The Physical Attribute limitation assumes that the creature in question is Human Sized. Naturally, there are many creatures that are larger than human size, demons, serpents, etc. In these cases, one should interpret the Maximum rank for the P attributes as the number times the Size Multiplier.

Please keep in mind that after you get above the Demigod level (or the Minor Diety level), most of the stats are moot for most game purposes, simply because one can't challenge a diety of that rank. However, in some cases, knowledge of the stats are necessary. Consider, for instance, the Exorcism skill--this requires knowledge of the trait of the Supernatural or Entital being.

In short, this table should serve as a gauge for creating beings and/or creatures for the Mythus game.

John R. Troy (JRT)