Pantheolon Project

Goals: to bring the full pantheon information to Ærth for the enrichment of Mythus.

Status: (August 3, 1998) Project has been handed to Alex Nuta. I'm still maintaining the pages, but he's now the editor. :-)

Plan: The ideal outline for order of creation is:

  1. Daily Deity
  2. Cultural Integration
  3. Detail of Major Deities (and some deital notes)
  4. Detail of Major Priesthoods (including Castings)

This is a lot of work, which is the primary reason I suggested the outline above. Once the Daily Deity for the pantheon is completed, the rest of it can be divided up among diverse authors. In order to achieve internal consistency within a pantheon, one person should be the author of the Daily Deity and the first draft of the cultural integration notes. That person will also be the first-line editor on any additional development on the pantheon (e.g. details on a given priesthood), in order to maintain a level of consistency within the pantheon.

It is my job to maintain consistency across the pantheons (e.g. in terms of depth of coverage, and cross-pantheon interaction), and to make certain that the details mesh with Ærth. In fact, extreme adherance to Earth's version is detrimental, because Earth is not Ærth. Changes should be integrated, at least to the level of plugging obvious holes in pantheon coverage (deities of magick, for instance) with appropriate cultural heroes.

As the material is developed, it will be submitted to Dave Newton for final editing. This is going to be a rolling project. Speaking as one who has developed a fair amount of material, I am aware of the constraints placed by forcing creativity and writing when one's resources are exhausted, and so I will only push to have a first draft of each Daily Deity and cultural notes out in a timely fashion.

When submitting the information, please e-mail it to me in either RTF or WordPerfect 6.x format. The exact format for the information has not yet been determined, but the final form will hopefully be both printer- and web-friendly.

Following is a table containing the pantheons and people who have either expressed interest in the pantheon or have done past work with the pantheon. This is our contact list. Anyone with a {C} next to their name is the primary coordinator for that pantheon. Obviously, I have staked out a claim to a couple areas I am most interested in, but someone with high interest should feel free to contact me anyways, I'm willing to cede!

Pantheon Volunteer(s) Arrivals
Ægyptian Alex Nuta{C} ( Daily Deity (first draft)
Atlantlan (John Troy?) some older material
Babylonian Hans Zieger{C} ( Daily Deity (first draft)
Chinsungese Scott Payne{C} (
Greco-Roman Mike Phillips{C} (
Hindic Iron Czar ( Daily Deity (first draft)
Incan -
Kalevalan -
Kelltic Mike Phillips{C} ( Daily deity (first draft)
Lemurian Corey Elliot (
Shawn Barrick (
Daily Deity (first draft)
Manitou Mike Phillips (
Mongolian -
Nipponese Scott Payne{C} (
Norse Mike Phillips{C} ( Daily Deity (first draft)
Persian Mark Bigney (
Phonecian Malcolm Bowers ( Daily Deity (first draft)
Slavic -
Teclan - Daily Deity (first draft)
Voudoun Evan Dembskey (
Minor (various) Mike Phillips ( (Animism)
- (Hittite)

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