Designer's Notes

Prefatory remarks from Dave

Date: Mon, November 20, 1995
Subject: Designer's Notes

I'm placing this new material into the public domain, and I want nothing out 
of it but to further the enjoyment of loyal Mythus fans everywhere.  It is 
NOT official material, it is simply a collection of notes and 
useful macros.  Dangerous Journeys and Mythus are trademarks
of TSR, Inc. and are used without their permission.

Please refrain from asking any terribly detailed questions, as I really 
don't have time to support the macros, and if you don't have Excel, I 
don't know what to tell you (other than talk to others on the list who 
might).  The Mac Word (version 4.0) files should be readable by most word

The use of Dangerous Journeys, Mythus, and related trademarks of TSR, Inc. in no way contests the ownership of the trademarks.

Here are Dave's donations, plus notes from me:

Many of the files are in Excel for the Macintosh, the remainder are in Word for the Macintosh. I am working on converting those I can, but don't hold your breath, my luck so far has been horrible.

If you get these converted, let me know! I have tried every trick at my disposal, and nothing has worked as of yet.

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