Let me first say that it's over. The suit has been settled, the system was bought by TSR (which has, in turn, been bought by WotC), and there's not a heck of a lot to be gained by being upset now.

TSR held that the Mythus and Dangerous Journeys were works which infringed upon the copyrights of the AD&D system.

Gygax held that Mythus was not copyright-infringing, given that both derived from the same source materials but were written independantly of each other.

(There used to be some material here talking about non-competition clauses and whether or not the work began while Gygax was still employed by TSR; however, one of the persons involved with the case at the time has corrected the speculation. The actual lawsuit was strictly a copyright dispute, and nothing more.)

Anyone familiar with both systems would recognize that some areas were plainly grasping (for instance, the concept of a multi-planar multi-verse is certainly older than either system; Moorcock's Eternal Champion books are based on the very concept, and predate both systems), and some areas are common mythological derivation.

But, remember: The case never went beyond the preliminaries! Depositions were taken, some arguments were made, but the case was settled! That means that no precedent was set, no case was made, the issue was not resolved.

So, let's let it rest in peace, and move on from here. Perhaps, just perhaps, a reasonable, devoted audience with careful persuasion and calm discourse, might be able to persuade TSR to allow some form of continued support.

Here's hoping...

Mike Phillips