Sunflash Sphere


It's uncertain where this device originated, but it was believed to have been around since the rise of the Italic Empire, as it was used by Julius Caesar in a fight with ghouls during one of his military campaigns. The knowledge of creating this device is known to many mages of the white school and perhaps preistcraefters of Sunlight ethos as well, as well as alchemist and heka-forgers out there. These devices can usually be purchased in larger "magickal bizarre's" of AErth.


This device appears as a small sphere, usually mundane in appearance, and of any quality. However, the clay-like outer layer of the sphere contains a sunstone gem, which is imbudded with Heka. Aural analysis of the device will reveal heka of an Empyreal nature.


To use this devise, the caster must hurl the device, either by hand (treat as rock) or by a sling or staff-sling (treat as a sling stone). When it hits a hard surface with great force, a dweomer consumes the device and projects an intensely bright flash of sunlight, lasting for 1 CT. All those observing the flash within a 1 Chain Radius will be blinded for 2D3 CTs. However, an incredible blast of ultraviolet radiation is released as well...those creatures susecptable to sunlight will take damage as if 1 AT has passed, thus usually annihilating such creatures. Thus, the primary power of this device is to harm undead and similar creatures.


No Command Needed.

Created by: John R. Troy