Shard Star


The Shard Star is Dweomered Weapon of unknown origin. It is believed to have been created somewhere during the glory dayes of the Ancient Ch'in Empire. It has been used in Warfare and Assasination attempts in their history. Since that time, the knowledge has been passed down throughout all of AErth.

These weapons are uncommon, but very expensive and never available in large quantities. They are used by assassins and spies, as the weapon is less effective in military operations due to the limitations against armor. Appearence: The Shard Star appears as a large Throwing Star, always of Unsurpased Quality. The Star will have some arcane pictograms on it. Heka-dection will dected a standard Magickal Aura, of Alchemical and Heka- Forging nature. Powers:

When a Shard Star is thrown and strikes a hard object, such as a wall or persona, they explode on contact, bringing into effect a large volume of sharp shards, all over a 2 Rod Radius. The explosive effect does 4D6 Piercing DMG, multiplied by a 1D6 exposure roll for the target, 1D3 for all other targets. Note that unlike most explosions, Armor DOES protect against this explosive effect.


No command is needed for this to work.
Created by: John R. Troy