The creation of the Shadowdagger has been lost in the sands of time, but it is attributed to a student of the renowed philosopher (and Grey Dweomercraefter) Plato. It would seem to be the case, as reports of the weapon originated from AEchea and Macedonia. Once a guarded secret known exclusivly by a sect of Grey Mages local to those lands, it has since been spread throughout AEropia and Azir.

While Shadowdaggers are "standard" Heka-enchanted weapons, they are by no means easy to create. It takes a powerful mage (Full Practioner) of the Grey School to create one--a persona with high heka-forging skill and conjuration. Those practioners are rare, and rarer still are those who have access the exact formulae and knowledge to create such devices. Thus, Shadowdaggers are uncommon. Such devices are usually found in the presence of Grey mages, theives, assassins, spies, and other people seeking either to hide from view, or who deal with shadow magick. They are likely to be found for sale at larger magick bizarres as well as "black market" merchants who specialize in goods used to aid theivery. Appearance: Shadowdaggers can appear as any typical dagger, thus there are many varieties of this dagger. Yet, there are a few things in common to all varieties. First of all, the color of a Shadowdagger is always somewhere between light grey and light black in color. The hilt is usually darker than the blade itself. Secondly, in direct sunlight the blade seems dimly translucent--this is because the blade originally was made of Shadowstuff. Thirdly, the dagger is slightly cool to the touch, no matter what the tempature of its environment.

The magickal aura of this dagger, if examined, will reveal dweomers of Preternatural nature, channelled from the Shadow Spheres.


  1. The shadowdagger is treated as an enchanted weapon for purposes of attacking all creatures and beings who can only be hit by said weapons. The weapon, however, has no combat bonus, save for the one below.
  2. The shadowdagger does triple damage (x3) to any creature native to the Shadow sphere--such as shadowlings, shadows, umbrates, gloams, duskdrakes, chiropumbrates, etc. This power, however, is not active is the dagger is being used on any sphere of Shadow.
  3. The shadowdagger automatically cloaks the user with shadows when the hilt of the weapon is held. The user is under the effects of both a shadowface and shadowcloak casting, for as long as the dagger's hilt is grasped (no time limit). This power follows the rules for both castings--thus the shadowcloak is only active when motionless.
    The user can deactivate the power at will, but it takes 1 CT of total concentration to reactivate. Exposure to bright light negates the powers until said light is dimmed/negated, and the cloaking will reform itself in 1 CT automatically. For purposes of Disjoining or negating this dweomer, it should be treated as being cast by a Persona with 80 STEEP in Grey Dweomercraeft. Disjoin will only negate the effect until the dagger reactivates the field (1 CT), as will a form of Heka disruption.
  4. 1/day, the user of the Shadowdagger may bring into effect a Sleepshadows power. This takes 1BT to activate and involves pointing and waving the dagger at the various shadowed areas in the location of effect. Treat as if a sleepshadows spell cast by a Persona will 80 STEEP in Grey Dweomercraeft.
  5. If the dagger is thrown at a Planar Sphere, when it comes into contact with the outermost layer, the whole dweomer will be annihilatated as the energies of the casting are disrupted and a colorful pyrotechnic display emminates from the contact point. Thus, the entire sphere disappears after 3 CTs. This also totally destroys the Shadowdagger, and the "fireworks" effect does 2D3 impact damage to all within a 5' radius of the outer layer each CT--thus the dagger should be thrown at the target.

Created by: John R. Troy (<>)