Sabrina's Sash of Saftey


Sabrina LaCroix (842-899 AAF), an enchantress and famed Parisian fashion designer, is acreditted with the creation of this magickal device. The first time it came into knowledge was during a public assassination attempt on her life by the Kraken's Killer Kultists during one of her "private" shows for her special friends. She untied the accessory, and disappeared...then reappeared 2 minutes later with a few friends and a few guardian spirts, to battle and defeat the Kraken's Own.

Since then, the knowledge and creation of this scarf has dissiminated amongst certain heka-practioners of Francia, as well as other states of Western AEropa. The device is rare, because of both the relative secrecy of the knowledge as well as the rare and expensive materia required to create the product.


The sash varies in size, sometimes it can be the size of a headband or bandana, other times it is belt sized. It can have any color, style, pattern, shape, etc. It is always of above average quality, and is usually composed of some fine cloth or silk.

Any form of divination will have to overcome the effect of a _Mask Heka_ ritual, which is used in the creation of such objects.


When the Scarf is looped or wrapped around a person and tied into a knot, the object then "records" the area at which it was tied. When a persona unties the knot, a powerful teleportation dweomer comes into effect, transporting the user back to the very place he or she tied it. The teleportation effect operates in the 9th Dimension (Conceivability), and thus can bypass most barriers and obstacles. This power even works across planar barriers.

Note that the sash is left behind when this teleportation effect occurs, thus, for the persona, it is usually a 1 shot device. The scarf can be aquired by others, however, and then used by them.

For game purposes, the time it takes to untie a knot is 2-4 CTs (1D3+1). High PNPow will reduce the time by 1 CT per every 5 points over 10, thus -1 at 15-19, -2 at 20-24, etc. It takes a minimum of 1 CT to undo such a knot.

If the sash is cut, it will lose it's dweomered properties instantly. Note, however, that in the process of creating the sash, it becomes resistant to such damage. It can resist up to 16 pts of cutting/piercing damage/CT. It is also completly unaffected by mundane and preternatural fire (it can't ignite).


No command is needed.

Created by: John R. Troy