Ring of Stun-Striking

By John R. Troy <johntroy@tiac.net$gt;


This item's use has been recorded in historical tomes and various heka-cyclopedias, at least since before the rise of the Italic Imperial state. Any source or story of creation is likely lost. This item is a staple of more powerful alchemists and enchanters, and has been implemented by police, watch, and bouncers in many larger cities.


While this ring may have varying engravings, markings or sizes, it never has any gems attached or any ornimental attachments. Thus, it looks to be a plain band. It is always composed of Silver. The inside section of the ring will always have one glyph, sigil, or rune of magick.

Dweomers that detect magick will reveal an aura of Mixed Preternatural Heka.


The ring has a potent power that can incapacitate foes.

To use this power, the wearer must think about using the power and touch the being he or she wishes to stun with the ring hand. The user must use his fingers or an open-hand (not a fist), and must not be holding anything in the hand (shield, sword, wand). To use the power the user's hand must also be bare--it will not work if the ring-wearer is wearing a glove or gauntlet.

If the target isn't suspecting anything, assume an automatic success. In a combat situation, the ring-wearing must roll a successful Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal roll. If the user fails, the effect does not work, though it does not "count" as one of the user's uses/day, and thus he or she can try again.

When the power is successfully activated, contact with the target will be subjected to a wave of shocking force from the attacker's dweomered hand, with an accompanying flash and boom. The target will take 9D6 Stunning Damage.

After a successful use, the ring will be non-functional for 1 BT time, thus making it a "one-shot" item during most combats. In any event, the ring can only be used a maximum of 3 times/day.

This power can be used on any creature which can be affected by Stunning Damage (see the armor schemes). It has no affect on inanimate items or objects and does no damage to such targets.