Tibasko's Ring of Quenching


Harmnux Tibasko was a Zuivan Hermaturge renowned for his elemental prowess, and created several useful items dealing with the various elements.

This particular device was created for his lover and later wife Sanvia. Accompanying him on his excursions, Sanvia always complained about thirst. To satisfy her, he forged the first of these rings for her birthday. The side-effects of this ring were found out later, at a party which erupted into flames. Several people saw Sanvia leap across flames, they diminishing into steam. This prompted both a test of the ring as well as a slight demand for the ring from the nobles in attendance. Tibasko ended up created a few score, and his formula was shared among alchemists later in his life. The ring is popular with wealthy AEropian merchants who travel far across desert areas.


This ring now varies, and is usually nondescript, though in all cases it is composed of some form of pearl or other valued gem found in the sea. The magick aura is not normally disguised, and thus can be discerned normally with standard castings.


None needed.