Powdered Water

By John R. Troy



This substance has been attributed to Francian Alchemists about 300 years ago. Since then, the substance has spread throughtout Ærth, and is welcomed by wealthy traders (since the cost of this item is relatively great) who must journey in arid lands such as the Berber lands and the Babylonian/Ægyptian part of the world, and dry Stepps, especially patrols and armies.


This substance is a blue powder, and it it kept in hermetically sealed pouches (also created by alchemists.) It is usually found in individual packets, about the size of Earth's condiments. There will usually be 6D6 packets of the substance when found randomly. Sometimes, it may also be contained in Sealed bags weighing several pounds (for large basins/pools, etc.)


Powdered water is an alchemical creation--water modified to be a powdery solid. When a pouch is opened and exposed to air, within 1 BT's time, the contencts of 1 packet (4 ounces) will turn into 1 quart of normal water. As such, these devices are normally used to refill canteens and generally allow vast quantites of water to be moved.

Note that a potential drinker does not need a container to drink this...if he puts the powder in his mouth, the transformation will be slow enough for him to swallow most (or all) of the substance. It won't then, choke a person, or burst his stomach if a lot is swallowed. (The stomach acid will neutralize the excess powder.