Liar's Fire

By John R. Troy (


No origin is known for this powder, but reports of its use have been found in a little-known autobiography of a from 560 AAF, Amniato's Tales of a Fool. In this book, the Jester reports his dealings with an apocathary who created the substance for his amusement at dinner parties, where some noble fops would brag and boast about untrue events. Soon, the Apocathary found that his guests were doing less and less truth-stretching, for fear the food would not agree with a liar. Amniato ended up using it on a few occasions, and coined the phrase Liar's Fire for the substance.

This substance is an uncommon concoction made by apocatharies. It is both useful for subtle and stealthy interrogation, and spies and thieves may use the substance, as well as for those of an impish nature. It's rare to find it used in a strict or overt interrogation.


In its unmixed state, Liar's Fire appears as a dull white fine powder. Those with the ability to discern Heka will find the powder enchanted.

It usually appears in a small bag with 2d10 doses if found randomly, or is sold by an apocathary in units of 20.


Liar's Fire is a powder that is ineffective until it is mixed in a drink. When done, the powder will immediately dissolve into the drink, and is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. 1 pinch (dose) can affect 1 pint of liquid.

Just one sip of a Liar Fired drink will activate a dweomer that can be used to detect lies. For a period of 12 ATs (1 hour), if a user attempts to tell any lies, he'll face the following gastrointestinal consequences.

In any case, lies told or not, after the third lie or the hour ends, the user will be immune to further exposure to any Liar's Fire for a 24 hour period, whether it is from the same source or a completely different one.

If a person drinking a draught mixed with Liar's Fire has an active talisman, dweomer, protection, or other type of casting/power that makes lies told undetectable, then Liar's Fire will have no affect, but the liquid will then taste bitter, polluted, corrupted, most likely making the drinker do a spitake, make a face, and/or complain loudly about it ("This Ale tastes like Vinegar and Smells like Dung")!!!.

Liar's fire can only be mixed with a liquid such as milk, water, ale, punch etc.--though it can be mixed with broth or a thin gravy. Liar's fire placed into a potion, liquid simple, tincture, or the like will ruin the potion and the Liar's Fire. A mixture will remain effective (if kept exposed to air like a punch bowl or a soup) for 1 hour, or 24 hours if it's kept in a sealed container like a Wineskin.

Note that Liar's Fire is not a poison or drug in the classic sense, so K/S areas like Tolerance or castings such as Neutralize Poison have no effect, and there is no resistance roll allowed. It is similar to a Casting or Power in its effect.