Javelin of Justice

History/Background: It is uncertain when or where these devices originated, but it is believed to have been created in Grecia's Golden Age, as several historical accounts show some of the renowned philosopher-mages (as well as their legendary heroes) using these javelins when fighting netherlife. Since then, the knowledge has been dissiminated throughout most of AErth.

Such devices are rare, as they must be made of valuble metal, as well as require heka-forging by a White Mage or a cleric of those deities of the Sunlight ethos. As such devices are "one-use", they are usually reserved for use against powerful netherlife and undead, and are likely to be saved by powerful individuals and organizations until needed.


A Javelin of Justice appears to be a normal Javelin of excellent or better quality--however, it is always constructed of some valuble metal known to be baneful to netherlife and evil, either silver or gold. Sigils of magickal power can be found on the device, usually colored blue. Inspection of the device via castings and powers that read aura or heka-flows will reveal heka of positive (Empyreal) nature and power.


The Javelin is a one-shot device. When thrown, the Javelin transforms into a powerful bolt of Positive Energy. The Bolt strikes its target unerringly (no roll needed), doing 77 points of Impact Damage. The damage is not modified by strike location, but it is modified by susceptibility to positive heka. (In otherwords, treat as a Heka attack rather than a Javelin attack).


No Command Needed.
Created by: John R. Troy