Horn of Haplessness

By John R. Troy



Little specific information is known about these devices. Scholars believe it a creation of the Avillonian States during the Lost Years and around the reigns of King Arthur.


Horns of Haplessness look like the "modern" horn found in most Æropean countries, a long straight horn with a curved funnel opening, made of some non-precious metal such as Brass or Bronze. Usually, the metal has been insinuated with Hekalite. Aural analysis will reveal the horn to have a mixed heka aura, with more detailed analysis revealing it to be linked to Panprobable forces (Chaos).


A Horn of Haplessness can be blown 1/day, further attempts to sound it will not work, even if one wishes to use the horn as an instrument or a warning device.

While the sound carries to all withing hearing range, the actual magical effect extends in a cone sounding from the horn extending up 100 yard length and 30 yard Width. All those within this cone are mentally assaulted, and must make a Hard SPCap roll or suffer the effects of the Grade IV Ethos of Balance tutilary castingSphere of Confusion (Mythus Magick pg 119) All those will suffer from the confused effect for 1 AT. Note that unlike the casting, the cone is of instantaneous effect, and all those who didn't resist will be "confused" for the full AT.