The Fireflail's origin is lost in history. What we do know is that it originated in AEgypt long ago, perhaps by a mage devoted to the elements, a priest-mage in the service of Ra, or some powerful hermaturge. Whatever, the case, the device has been studied and duplicated throughout AErth, although the secrets of creating the weapon are better known in the AEgypt and those that have mages from that culture, such as Hy Braseal, Darfur, and Relantl.


The Fireflail is always a one-handed flail, designed like other AEgyptian flails. The handle had runes of Hiero-AEgyptian, usually dealing with fire, heat, dieties of flame, fire, heat, and sunlight. The handle usually has some gemstones as well, those most likely dealing with fire. Aural analysis will reveal strong dweomers dealing with fire, elemental force, and a slight trace of postive heka and Empyreal influences.



One command word for ingite/extinguish the flames, another one to activate the Empyreal flames (only by Full Practioner Mage).
Created by: John R. Troy