Enchanted Equipment

Installment #1, by John R. Troy

Azure Swords of Anstolm


Anstolm Jeffigueir (785-866 AAF), a Great Knight from Teutonia, was at one time a simple noble and wealsome philosopher, who taught in his hometown and province. However, he soon found himself embroiled against Evil beings from other planes, and ultimately became known for his exploits in hunting and fighting the Dark forces. The epic poem Anstolm: The battle of the Knight against the Night is one of the most renowned compositions still sung by the great troubadours of Teutonia.

Anstolm in his later years had one of his friends, a hermaturge whose name is still unrecorded, manufacture a special sword, one that would aid in his fight against netherlife. While we still have no idea who created the prototype for the sword, the basic formulae for it's manufacture apparently surfaced among the Alchemists of Western AEropa 20 years after Anstolm's death. There have been at least 9 people of renown who have been seen with swords like this in AEropa that are confirmed as "the real thing", and even a report of a landless knight from Yarbay who had a Scimitar of Same type.


All swords of this nature are metallic, usually of Broadsword or Longsword style, though Short Swords and Even a Scimitar have been seen. (They will not work as two-handed or bastard sized). The are always of azure hue, created via alchemical manipulation of the metal. Those will the ability to discern dweomers would be able to detect Preternatural Heka of Apotropistic nature and wealsome bent.


None applicable