HardWired Prime
Appendix II: Cross-Genre Play

When Mythus Prime stood alone as the only Dangerous Journeys Prime rule set, there was no need of cross-genre considerations. In fact, since the Prime rules were intended as nothing more than a stepping stone to the full rules anyways, this was not a problem.

However, in practice, not all persons are willing to play the Advanced rules (they can be overwhelming to the mere dabbler), and when one wishes nothing more than a quick "pick-up" game, perhaps a single night's entertainment, they are often more than enough.

Further, the Advanced rules are sufficiently complicated to make quick conversions from other source material into a formidable task, one not easily completed in a short span of time. Many other gaming systems, however, can be readily converted to the Prime rules, and genre-development is significantly eased (witness the release of the HardWired Prime rules well before the Advanced rule set).

For these reasons, it is worth examining cross-genre play within the context of a Dangerous Journeys Prime game as well.

Transferring Heroic Personas

First and foremost, an HP crossing time or dimensional barriers is likely to encounter some initial culture shock, and most applicable K/S Areas will not transfer particularly well. For instance, magick is not active in every setting (in some places, being so weak as to be subsumed into a mere one or two K/S Areas, and powered by vril rather than Heka), and technology can be vastly different even within the span of a few decades.

The easiest way to track this is to create a new K/S list, transferring the K/S Areas as outlined below.

Cross-Genre Play

Cross-genre play is very different from mere transference of an HP. It covers mixing and matching genres within a setting, or moving more than a lone persona or two around.

The most obvious crossing of this sort would be mixing Mythus and HardWired, a la ShadowRun*. In this case, the Mythus Prime magick system should be changed in one very important way: casting grades should be gained more slowly (every 20 STEEP rather than every 10).

Casting Grades Table
HP'S STEEP Highest Casting
Grade Possible
Under 21 I
21-40 II
41-60 III
61-80 IV
81+ V

* indicates a property trademarked by someone else; the use of this trademark should not be construed as a challenge to the validity of said trademark.

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