HardWired Prime
Creating Your Heroic Persona

Steps in HP Creation:

Generating Socio-Economic Class

Unlike Mythus Prime, the average HardWired Heroic Persona is likely to be low on the totem pole of the world. To simulate this, Socio-Economic Class is determined by rolling 1D3 and adding 2 (1D3+2, 3 - 5).

All other functions of SEC are as per Mythus Prime.

(For an interesting variation on the normal Cyberpunk theme, the JM may want to consider a "Cyberprep" game, in which the HPs are all of SEC 1D3+6, and simply slumming. This suggestion was mentioned in GURPS Cyberpunk, a useful resource for the HardWired JM.)

Generating TRAITs

120 points may be spread between the three TRAITS: MENTAL, PHYSICAL, and SPIRITUAL. No more than 60 may be placed in a single TRAIT, and no fewer than 20.

Selecting a Vocation

First, note that the Vocations are intended as skeletons, to be fleshed out from these options to more complete archetypes. Suggestions are made in the notes for each Vocation on standard cyberpunk directions that each Vocation can easily take.

EXECUTIVE: This Mental Vocation forms the basis for any Corporate persona, ranging from the network administrator for a company to the persona supervising the company's postal room. Typically, executives will have received some assistance getting into their position, and never have an SEC of less than 4. In most cyberpunk games, this would cover nearly all corporate classes/occupations.

REPORTER: Reporters bring the news to the people, either by pursuing corruption wherever it may be found (rooting it out), or simply to sell papers. With the disintegration of society, this position has become much more dangerous than it was before.

MARINE: Marines are either currently in an armed force or have recently left. They are already trained in fighting. This makes a good base for a street fighter, a police officer, or any other combat-oriented occupation.

P.I.: The Private Investigator is often cut from the mold of hard-boiled dicks. This is a popular under-dog Vocation, as the authorities often work at odds with the PI.

HACKER: The Hacker is a Vocation encompassing Netrunning in all its forms, from early 90's terminal use to the far reaches of neural interfaces. This forms a basis for characters that, in other systems, might be called Netrunners, Crackers, Deckers, or others. Initial SEC is from around 2 to 5, although this can raise very quickly with some well-chosen hits.

DRIVER: Drivers run vehicles around, whether they are military, private security, or commercial. They are the best at it, and they are needed for any long-ranging mission.

Vocation Table
Executive (Mental):
Business Admin. M 30
Crim. Act., Mental M 25
Charismaticism S 25
Deception M 20
Political Science M 20
Leadership S 20
Jury-Rigging S 20
Economics M 15
Weapons, Small Arms P 15
Combat, Hand Weapons P 10
Reporter (Spiritual):
Journalism M 30
Charismaticism S 25
Comm & Broadcasting S 25
Deception M 20
Library Research M 20
Disguise S 20
Creative Writing S 20
Weapons, Small Arms P 15
Cinematic Arts S 15
Crim Activities (P) P 10

Marine (Physical):

Weapons, Small Arms P 30
Weapons, Heavy Arms P 25
Combat, HTH Lethal P 25
Combat, HTH Nonlethal P 20
Combat, Hand Weapons P 20
Military Science M 20
Jury-Rigging S 20
Crim. Act., Physical P 15
Electronics M 15
Mathematics M 10

P.I. (Mental):

Criminology M 30
Weapons, Small Arms P 25
Crim. Activities (P) P 25
Deception M 20
Combat, HTH, Nonlethal P 20
Disguise P 20
Escape P 20
Jury-Rigging S 15
Street-wise S 15
Political Science M 10

Hacker (Mental):

Cyberdeck User M 30
Combat, Net M 25
Computer Science M 25
Mathematics M 20
Art, Computer S 20
Street-wise S 20
Spatial Reasoning S 20
Library Science M 15
Weapons, Small Arms P 15
Electronics M 10

Driver (Physical):

Mechanics P 30
Jury-Rigging S 25
Combat, HTH Nonlethal P 25
Weapons, Small Arms P 20
Spatial Reasoning S 20
Street-wise S 20
Combat, HTH Lethal P 20
Combat, Hand Weapons P 15
Electronics M 15
Robotics M 10

Select K/S Areas & Determine STEEP

Common K/S Areas
Native Tongue M SECx5
Perception (Mental) M 30
Vehicles, Personal P SECx5

Basic K/S Lists
Mental Physical Spiritual
Appraisal Combat, HTH, Lethal Animal Handling
Biology Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal Charismaticism
Bus. Admin. Combat, Hand Weapons Cinematic Arts
Chemistry Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile Comm. & Broad.
Computer Science Criminal Act. (Physical) Creative Writing
Criminal Act. (Mental) Disguise Cyberdeck User
Criminology Drawing Dance
Cybernetics Driving Impersonation
Deception Escape Judgement
Economics Explosives/Demolitions Jury-Rigging
Electronics First Aid Leadership
E/S Graces Games, Physical Poetry/Lyrics
Foreign Language* Legerdemain Psychology
Influence Mechanics Religion
Journalism Mechanics, Cybernetic Spatial Reasoning
Library Science Perception (Physical) Street-wise
Mathematics Piloting Thespianism
Medicine Surgery
Military Science Survival
Native Tongue Tolerance
Perception (Mental) Weapons, Heavy Arms
Political Science Weapons, Small Arms

Mike Phillips (msphil@widomaker.com)