HardWired Prime
Author's Note

I'm making an early and undeveloped version available for two reasons. One, I have neither the time nor the impetus to continue work on these rules. And two, I've been sitting on what material I have had for a long time, and it's not fair to keep it completely with-held.

Comments are welcome, of course, and assistance with portions as yet undeveloped would be nice. I have the beginnings of the cyberspace and advanced rules as scattered notes, but with no real reason to bring them to order, they're just sitting there.

Using the standard Mythus Prime rules plus the alternates here, this game is playable, just not quite completed. Yet. (If you try to do something cyberspace related, I recommend doing some simple K/S vs. K/S contests until the rules become available.)

I do plan on occasionally working on the material, but at this point it's just an exercise. So, don't expect massive updates on a regular basis :-)


Mike Phillips (msphil@widomaker.com)