Announcing the ABYSS

(The Abyss of Space, a far future Dangerous Journeys genre module)

Date:         Sun, 8 May 1994 00:15:34 EDT
Sender: Mythus Fantasy Roleplaying Game List <>
From: "Rodney W. Morris" <>
Subject:      ABYSS: Warning...lots o' stuff on its way...

There will be a great deal of info heading onto the list very soon. It is headed by ABYSS. I've been working on this since the arrival of Mythus, and had hopes of getting it published.

My publication of this to the group is not meant to be a relinquishment of my rights to the material in any way, form or manner. If you are interested in publishing my work in your local newsletters, please contact me via private email. Any discussion on Abyss is welcome, and any suggestions I implement in any published version will be credited (I'll ask you first, btw).

I will add more as I create it. What I present in very unfinished and untested. Enjoy!

Thanks, and enjoy!

Lucifer >:}

I have since contacted Rodney, hoping he had done further development. However, with the demise of Mythus, he is now preparing it for another gaming system and thus is not releasing any more stuff for Abyss.

However, he has given me permission to HTMLize and place this information on the Web.

Mike Phillips <>