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If you want to appear in this listing, drop me a line! The goal of this particular page is to connect Mythus players with other Mythus players in their area.

Classified Ads

2-member Mythus group in central Orange County willing to take in 1-3 additional Mythus players (no previous experience necessary) for every other week-end playing, snacking, and socializing; no current game, several proposals on the table. Contact: (maintainer of this site)

JM of moderate experience seeks gaming group in the Omaha/Lincoln Nebraska area. All sorts of fun to be had at each and every gaming session. Door prizes will be given awayand a free touchless carwash goes to the 9th caller. Ok...just kidding, but if anyone would like to game in the Omaha/Lincoln area please e-mail me at I am willing to JM or play.

Enthusiastic Mythus player/JM looking for same in Washington, DC area. For more information, contact Jason .

Looking for Mythus people. Dammit. E-mail: Hawkeye [In the Buffalo, NY area -- Ed.]

Small group of Mythus players always looking for new and old players. Located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. If you are anywhere new Stevens Point, we would love to have you in our group. A wide variety of personalities for your RP enjoyment! Contact me at if you are interested...

Looking for JM or players in south-eastern Idaho area (Pocatello, to be specific). Andrew Phillips

I am located in Plano, Texas - just north of Dallas. Am looking to add gamers to a group of three. Due to the lack of players in the area I am also setting up a Mythus PBeM. Anyone interested send me mail and we will get started sometime soon.

Looking for players of the Dangerous Journeys: Mythus Roleplaying Game. Our group is looking for 3 new players to join us. Please send inquiries to (Kansas City)

(Chicago, Illinois) We play about every other week and are playing a game set in an original world of our devising. Contact me at or if you're interested. We play a Mythus-Aria hybrid.

I'm in GMing in Montreal, Canada, and I'm constantly looking for players. There's always room for one more. :) The only catch: Non smokers only.

I'm a Journey Master, and have played DJ for almost 5 years (off and on). I live in Eugene, OR and am looking for players. If you are interested, email me at or check out my website at

Experienced GM and players looking for new blood in the Cleveland, Ohio area. We have just started a new campaign, after a hiatus of 3 years, and could take at least 2 new players. Play is on Wednesday evenings from about 6-11 PM. Contact for details.

My name is Galen. I live in Durham, NC. I've run an irregular game in Mythus off an on with various groups of friends. I'm interested in being listed in the classifieds. I can run up to twice a month. The setting is in a world of my own devising and I'm using a warped system for armor. I can accommodate 3-5 players. Alternately, I can play in a game as well. My email address is

Mythus Players

The states are in alphabetical order. Areas/towns are in whatever order strikes my fancy.

If anyone locates another group via this page, please let me know! I'd love to hear of a success or two!
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