DI #2 (Late-September 1994)


  1. Rules: Tom's Mythus Prime, Part 1
  2. Rules: Adam's STEEP Incline
  3. Magick Items: Daggers
  4. Enemies: Really Tough Extra-dimensional Assassins
  5. Finis: Notes from Hawkeye

Tom's Mythus Prime, part 1

RULES: There is a ton of space for new rules or "house" variations in Mythus. Here's where we'll take the best (okay, 'sort of best') rules which people have created...

Tom (BluSponge@AOL.com)

This part, in a series of at least two, lists all of the Vocations that Tom has 'fixed' for use in his Mythus Prime campaign. It includes a listing, with Primary TRAIT and Minimum SEC, a revised K/S listing for use therein, TRAIT limitations to Heka-Generating K/S Areas,

=====> Available Vocations
Vocation          Primary TRAIT           Minimum SEC 
Alchemist            Mental                     5  
Assassin             Physical                   1        
Astrologer           Spiritual                  4  
Bandit               Physical                   1       
Burglar              Physical                   2  
Cavalier             Physical                   6    
Demonurgist          Mental                     5  
Doctor/Surgeon       Mental                     4    
Engineer             Physical                   4  
Dweomercraefter      Mental     
    Black                                       1
    Elemental                                   4     
    Green                                       1
    Gray                                        4
    White                                       5
Mercenary/Soilder    Physical                   1  
Merchant             Mental                     4  
Mountebank           Mental                     1  
Mystic/Seer          Spiritual                  2  
Pirate               Physical                   1  
Poet/Musician        Mental                     3  
Priest               Spiritual                Varies by Mythos 
Riverfolk            Physical                   1  
Scholar              Mental                     5  
Seafarer/Mariner     Physical                   2  
Street Youth         Player's Choice            1  
Thaumaturge          Spiritual                  3  
Theurgist            Spiritual                  5  
Thief             Mental or Physical            1  
 Wiseman             Spiritual                  1  
=====> Revised Available K/S Area Lists by TRAIT

**Mental K/S Areas**
Agriculture                               Apotropaism*
Appraisal                                 Astronomy
Biography/Genealogy                       Botany
     Business Administration              Chemistry
Criminal Activities, Mental               Deception
     Demonology*                          Dweomercraeft*
Engineering                               Foreign Language x
Gambling                                  Games, Mental
Gemology                                  Geology/Mineralogy
History                                   Influence
     Law                                  Magick*
Mathematics                               Military Science
    Navigation                            Perception (Mental)
Political Science                         Public Administration
Rarities                                  Subterranean Aerth

**Physical K/S Areas**
Acrobatics/Gymnastics                     Arms & Armor
Boating                                   Combat, Hand Weapons
Combat, HWs, Missile                      Combat, HTH, Lethal
Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal                   Criminal Activities, Physical
Disguise                                  Drawing
Escape                                    First Aid
Handicrafts/Handiwork                     Hunting/Tracking
Mountaineering                            Perception (Physical)
    Police Work                           Riding
    Seamanship                            Smithing/Welding
Survival                                  Swimming/Diving

**Spiritual K/S Areas**
Alchemy*                                  Animal Handling
Astrology*                                Charismaticism
    Conjuration*                          Herbalism*
Impersonation                             Jury-Rigging
Leadership                                Metaphysics*
Multiversal Planes & Spheres              Music Composition
Mysticism*                                Nature Attunement
     Necromancy*                          Occultism
Painting (Artistic)                       Phaeree Folk & Culture
Priestcraeft*                             Religion*
     Sorcery*                             Street-Wise

* Heka-generating K/S
x Handled specially, see Mythus Prime Rules Description
K/S Areas indented are described in full in the Advanced Dangerous Journeys

=====> TRAIT Limitations to Heka-Generating K/S Areas
Trait Total Heka-Generating K/S Area Limit*  Note:  This can be an important
variable to a Persona's Vocation bundle.  If TRAIT limitations require the
                    removal of excess Heka-Generating Areas, simply increase
Under 30     :  1   one other Heka-Generating K/S Area by one level (i.e. 20-
  31-40      :  2   25, 25-30, etc.) and allow the persona bonus K/S Area
  41-50      :  4   choices to fill in empty slots in the Vocation bundle.
  51-60      :  7   
  61-70      :  9   *With respect to Spiritual K/S's, the Priestcraeft and
  71-80      : 11   Religion K/S Areas are treated as one for the persona.
81 and above : 15   This is the only exception to the limit given.

=====> Heroic Persona Vocations

Alchemist (Mental TRAIT)
Alchemy*                    30   S        Botany                 25   M
Chemistry                   25   M        Geology/Mineralogy     20   M
Dweomercraeft*              20   M        Magick*                20   M
Mathematics                 20   M        Drawing                15   P
Foreign Language: Anndarik  15   M        Handicrafts/Handiwork  10   P

Assassin (Physical TRAIT)
Toxicology                     30   M     Combat, HTH, Lethal    25   P
Combat, Hand Weapons           25   P     Combat, Hand, Missile  20   P
Street-Wise                    20   S     Criminal Act., Mental  20   M
Criminal Activities, Physical  20   P     Deception              15   M
Disguise                       15   P     Escape                 10   P

Astrologer (Spiritual TRAIT)
Astrology*                    30   S      Mysticism*             25   S
Astronomy                     25   M      Biography/Genealogy    20   M
Foreign Language (choice)     20   M      Mathematics            20   M
Multiversal Planes & Spheres  20   S      Metaphysics*           15   S
History                       15   M      Combat, Hand Weapons   10   P

Bandit (Physical TRAIT)
Combat, HTH, Lethal            30   P     Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal  25   P
Combat, Hand Weapons           25   P     Combat, Hand, Missile    20   P
Criminal Activities, Physical  20   P     Deception                20   M
Gambling                       20   M     Handicrafts/Handiworks   15   P
Jury-Rigging                   15   S     Criminal Act., Mental    10   P
Burglar (Physical TRAIT)
Acrobatics/Gymnastics          30   P     Escape                  25   P
Combat, Hand Weapons           25   P     Combat, HTH, Lethal     20   P
Appraisal                      20   M     Deception               20   M
Criminal Activities, Physical  20   P     Street-Wise             15   S
Jury-Rigging                   15   S     Combat, Hand, Missile   10   P

Cavalier (Physical TRAIT)
Combat, Hand Weapons           30   P     Arms & Armor            25   P
Biography/Genealogy            25   M     Combat, HTH, Lethal     20   P
Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile  20   P     Gambling                20   M
Leadership                     20   S     Military Science        15   M
Political Science              15   M     Survival                10   P

Demonurgist (Mental TRAIT)
Sorcery*                       30   S     Dweomercraeft*             25   M
Occultism                      25   S     Demonology*                20   M
Metaphysics*                   20   S     Foreign Language (choice)  20   M
Handicrafts/Handiwork          20   P     Apotropaism*               15   M
Influence                      15   M     Magick*                    10   M

Doctor/Surgeon/Physician (Mental TRAIT)
First Aid                      30   P     Botany               25   M
Drawing                        25   P     Chemistry            20   M
Mathematics                    20   M     Herbalism*           20   S
Foreign Language (choice)      20   M     Influence            15   M
Handicrafts/Handiwork          15   P     Games, Mental        10   M

Dweomercraefter (Mental TRAIT)
Dweomercraeft*                 30   M     Alchemy*               25   S
Magick*                        25   M     Herbalism*             20   S
Foreign Language (choice)      20   M     Handicrafts/Handiwork  20   P
Games, Mental                  20   M     Jury-Rigging           15   S
Chemistry                      15   M     Botany                 10   M

Engineer (Physical TRAIT)
Engineering                    30   M     Handicrafts/Handiworks  25   P
Combat, Hand Weapons           25   P     Combat, Hand, Missile   20   P
Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal        20   P     Jury-Rigging            20   S
Mathematics                    20   M     Military Science        15   M
Foreign Language (choice)      15   M     Leadership              10   S

Mercenary/Soilder (Physical TRAIT)
Combat, Hand Weapons           30   P     Criminal Act., Physical  25   P
Escape                         25   P     Gambling                 20   M
Street-Wise                    20   S     Survival                 20   P
Combat, HTH, Lethal            20   P     Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal  15   P
Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile  15   P     Criminal Act., Mental    10   M

Merchant (Mental TRAIT)
Appraisal                      30   M     Deception                25   M
Business Administration        25   M     Charismaticism           20   S
Influence                      20   M     Rarities                 20   M
Combat, Hand Weapons           20   P     Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal  15   P
Foreign Language (choice)      15   M     Games, Mental            10   M
Mountebank (Mental TRAIT)
Criminal Activities, Mental    30   M     Combat, Hand Weapons    25   P
Gambling                       25   M     Appraisal               20   M
Criminal Activities, Physical  20   P     Impersonation           20   S
Street-Wise                    20   S     Survival                15   P
Deception                      15   M     Alchemy*                10   S
Mystic/Seer (Spiritual TRAIT)
Mysticism*                     30   S     Astrology*                 25   S
Occultism                      25   S     Conjuration*               20   S
Deception                      20   M     Foreign Language (choice)  20   M
Metaphysics*                   20   S     Handicrafts/Handiworks     15   P
Astronomy                      15   M     Combat, Hand Weapons       10   P

Pirate (Physical TRAIT)
Combat, HTH, Lethal            30   P     Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal  25   P
Combat, Hand Weapons           25   P     Combat, Hand, Missile    20   P
Criminal Activities, Physical  20   P     Navigation               20   M
Seamanship                     20   P     Jury-Rigging             15   S
Foreign Language (choice)      15   M     Deception                10   M

Poet/Musician (Mental TRAIT)
Music Composition              30   S     Biography/Genealogy      25   M
History                        25   M     Influence                20   M
Mysticism*                     20   S     Thespianism              20   S
Games, Mental                  20   M     Rarities                 15   M
Combat, Hand Weapons           15   P     Handicrafts/Handiwork    10   P

Priest*  (Spiritual TRAIT)
Priestcraeft*                  30   S     Religion*              25   S
Metaphysics*                   20   S     Influence              15   M

Riverfolk (Physical TRAIT)
Boating                      30   P       Nature Attunement      25   S
Combat, Hand Weapons         25   P       Combat, Hand, Missle   20   P
Animal Handling              20   S       Survival               20   P
Swimming/Diving              20   P       Botany                 15   M
Herbalism                    15   S       Tolerance              10   P

Scholar (Mental TRAIT)
History                      30   M       Biography/Genealogy        25   M
Alchemy*                     25   S       Foreign Language (choice)  20   M
Foreign Language (choice)    20   M       Magick*                    20   M
Metaphysics*                 20   S       Influence                  15   M
Religion*                    15   S       Leadership                 10   S

Seafarer/Mariner (Physical TRAIT)
Navigation                   30   M       Seamanship                 25   P
Boating                      25   P       Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal    20   P
Combat, Hand Weapons         20   P       Combat, Hand, Missile      20   P
First Aid                    20   P       Foreign Language (choice)  15   M
Jury-Rigging                 15   S       Survival                   10   P

Street Youth ** (Player's Choice of TRAIT)
Street-Wise                    30   S     Escape                   25   P
Criminal Activities, Mental    25   M     Appraisal                20   M
Charismaticism                 20   S     Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal  20   P
Criminal Activities, Physical  20   P     Deception                15   M
Gambling                       15   M     Thespianism              10   S

Thaumaturgist (Spiritual TRAIT)
Conjuration*                   30   S     Mysticism*                 25   M
Metaphysics*                   25   S     Occultism                  20   S
Demonology*                    20   M     Foreign Language (choice)  20   M
Handicrafts/Handiwork          20   P     Apotropaism*               15   M
Influence                      15   M     Magick*                    10   M

Theurgist (Spiritual TRAIT)
Priestcraeft*                  30   S     Astrology*               25   S
Conjuration*                   25   S     Dweomercraeft*           20   M
Magick*                        20   M     Occultism                20   S
Combat, Hand Weapons           20   P     Handicrafts/Handiworks   15   P
Foreign Language (choice)      15   M     Religion*                10   S

Thief (Mental or Physical TRAIT)
Criminal Act., Mental        30/20  M     Criminal Act., Physical  30/20  P
Combat, Hand Weapons           25   P     Deception                25/20  M
Combat, HTH, Lethal          25/20  P     Street-Wise                20   S
Acrobatics/Gymnastics          20   P     Appraisal                  15   M
Escape                         15   P     Disguise                   10   P

Wisewoman/Wiseman (Spiritual TRAIT)
Apotropaism*                   30   M     Handicrafts/Handiwork      25   P
Herbalism*                     25   S     Priestcraeft*              20   S
Religion*                      20   S     Agriculture                20   M
Nature Attunment               20   S     Conjuration*               15   S
Occultism                      15   S     Animal Handling            10   S
* Priests receive a customized bundle based on their Patron deity.  These are
covered in the Mythos section.

** Street Youth HPs have the following restrictions:
a)  the age of the HP must be 16 years
b)   TRAIT pool is reduced to 80
c)  persona is illiterate
d)  no riding K/S may be possessed
e)  HP gains double the standard contacts                            

That's it (finally) for this article. More will be coming in future issues, so be warned!! :)

Adam's STEEP Incline

Adam Mortara (akmortar@midway.uchicago.edu)

Since we know that HPs start off with some STEEP levels in the 40+ range, (unless they play in Hawkeye's campaign :) I have come up with a very simple way to limit HPs advancement without giving them extra-meager AP/G portions. I feel that HPs should be encouraged to improve more than just one K/S, so aftger 9 sessions I don't have some Hack who's got a 100 STEEP in Combat, Hand Weapons but hasn't taken any advance in any other K/S.
With this rules modification, I still stick to the 5 AP/session limit on each K/S. As you can see from the table below, this makes the HP consider advancing lower-STEEP K/S Areas much more because it is so costly to advance his higher STEEP K/S.

STEEP   AP Cost Multiplier 
01-50      1
51-60      2         Multiply your normal cost of STEEP by the multiplier on
61-70      3         the table to determine how much it will actually cost
71-90      4         you to move up 1 STEEP point.
91+        5

This method also makesthe system much more logical. It should be harder to proceed from a "doctorate" level STEEP to a "Nobel-prize winning" STEEP than it is to grasp the basics of a K/S, and this sytem reflects it, without hurting the HPs much at all (except those players that want killer warriors!).

Magick Items: A Trio of Daggers

Here are a couple of nasty little implements. I've used them in one way or another in my campaigns, and they all work quite well...
I haven't included any kind of background or creation notes for any of them. I figure, if you like them, include them in your own campaigns, and you can then determine other information on your own time...

Hawkeye (v105nk9r@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu)

Multiplier: This ornate, jewelled dagger has a surprising effect when thrown. While in the air, travelling at the target, it magickally splits into four separate blades. These either all hit or miss, and when they hit each rolls for Strike Location separately. The dagger also has 5 additional WP.

Backbiter: Somehow, this stiletto knows when it is being used during attacks which utilize surprise and/or ambushing. If either situation occurs, it will vibrate quickly and faintly glow dark red. When used during such an attack, Backbiter subtracts 10 from any Strike Location rolls, and adds one to the multiplier. This effect only works during the CT that the trap or surprise is sprung on its victims.

Frostbite: This thin, intricatly carved dagger is made of pure white iron. It almost looks like a solid white icicle, and when unsheathed, burns with an icy blue flame. Anyone within a foot or so can feel the cold emanating from the blade. The dagger has +5 WP, and will do an additional 1D6 Cold PD when used. The 1D6 is multiplied by a 1D3 Exposure Roll, and is also affected by the Strike Location roll. Add the two multipliers together to get the final one. For example, if you hit and roll Vital (x2) and Frostbite gets a x3 Exposure roll, it'll do 1D6x5 PD.

Adam's Extra-dimensional Assassins

I love villains. These guys are especially nasty. I feel sorry for Adam's players! See my quick note at the end of the article, and keep on sending them on in!!

Name: Haru                              Invuln.
Size: Human                             Cold, Spiritual Attack
Initiative: Human
Move: 92yds/BT                          Susceptible.
Joss: 0                                 Chemical (x2)
Dodging Factor: 5%

Mental 58                   Physical 92                 Spiritual 60
MR    26    MM    32        PM    40    PN    52        SP    30    SM    30
MRCap 10    MMCap 12        PMCap 15    PNCap 18        SPCap 10    SMCap 10
MRPow  8    MMPow 10        PMPow 15    PNPow 18        SPPow 10    SMPow 10
MRSpd  8    MMSpd 10        PMSpd 10    PNSpd 16        SPSpd 10    SMSpd 10

Attacks:                        BAC     T       Dmg
Dagger(x3)                      40      P       2D6+3
Crossbow, M                     37      P       3D6
Spurs (x2)                      40      P       2D3+3

Armor (Average Values):
P 10 C 13 B 12 F 6 Chem 0 Stun 9 Elec 1

K/S Areas:
Criminal Activities, Physical           40
Combat, Hand Weapons                    35
Combat, Missile Weapons                 30
Toxicology                              70
Description: The Haru average about 5'3" in height and appear on this plane as a small humanoid with bright orange eyes, and a light layer of brown fur. When in public, they wear dark cloaks and other such clothing to appear human and hide their appearances. The Haru also have a retractable bone spur in both of their wrists and both feet which they can use in combat as a natural weapon.

Game Notes: The Haru are a race of extra-dimensional assassins, summoned by means of Black Dweomercraeft to serve. They always operate in groups, the number determined by the STEEP of the Caster (see below).
Their weaponry consists of glass-bladed daggers and glass-tipped crossbow bolts filled with their trademark poision, the Black Death, a sludge-like substance of the darkest color.

Black Death: STR: 100                 ER: 1D10 days
             Longevity: 10 weeks      Purpose: Injury
             Form: Paste
When an attack is made with either the dagger or crossbow, the poison will be successfully delivered if:
  1. The victim is brought to their WL in Physical damage
  2. The attack is an Ultra-Vital or Super-Vital hit and the victim fails a 'Moderate' roll against their PM Category.
**The Haru, due to their expertise at assassination, gain a -5 bonus on the Strike Location Table.

Summon Haru Ritual
Black Dweomercraeft Casting Grade VIII

Time: 1 month                       Other Heka Costs:
Area: na                            R&D: None
Distance: 100ft                     Other: 50 Heka per Haru
Materia Cost: 1000BUCS/Haru
E/F/M: This Casting, for which the materia is a piece of the hardest obsidian in the shape of a sphere, causes a number of Haru equal to 5 + 1/20 STEEP of the Caster to be brought to this plane to do the bidding of the Caster. They will accept any order the Caster gives them except one which will bring harm to themselves.
At all times, the Caster must be within 5 miles of the Haru, and he must also supply the various exotic ingredients the Haru need to manufacture their trademark poison, the Black Death. This is figured into the Materia Cost for the Casting.
The Haru will take their orders from the Caster via a limited telepathy, and will at all times attempt to conceal their nature from the general public. They will operate chiefly at night, obviously. The Haru are fierce opponents, and will fight an intended victim until death. However, if someone else attacks them, they will defend themselves with prudence (i.e. they will flee if things are going poorly).
Ed. Note: These guys are really tough, esp. with the poison! I'd make either the Materia Cost a lot higher (x10, say), and/or make each Haru cost far more Heka to summon (say, 250 or so...). Just my opinion of course, but since I'm the editor, you all have to hear it! ;-)

Finis: A Quick Note from Hawkeye

Okay, well, that's all for now! I hope this wasn't too late for you all to stay interested, but it's not all my fault! I was sitting around for a while, begging for submissions. I got enough, and I have some for next issue, but I am always looking for more! If you don't see your stuff here, it's on the list for next issue, but with Tom's Prime rules taking up a lot of space, I didn't want this to go too far.
Next issue, assuming I can get Bill to do a little editing for me, we'll have his complete listing of all the K/S's he knows of. We'll also probably have the second part of Tom's Mythus Prime 2nd Edition. I'll be tossing in a couple of interesting bits of jewellry for your HP's (some good, some real nasty!). And, there'll be a couple of monsters to toss at them, maybe even to guard the jewellry! So, see you then!
Now, I'm conducting a little questionnaire. Please do me a favor and give me simple answers to these questions:
  1. Is this stuff interesting? (I'm hoping yes, of course!)
  2. Do you want this to be longer or shorter?
  3. What format (other than ASCII) would you like this sent in?
  4. When are you going to send me a submission?
IMPORTANT: I know that originally I wanted to send out a version of this in WP6.0 format, but thus far, only 4 out of 40 people want it, so for now, I'm scrapping that idea. I especially want you to vote on question 3, so that if enough people want one or two other formats, I'll do them...otherwise, it'll have to stay in ASCII (except maybe for me! ;-)).

That's it. Remember, no matter _what_ you send to me, I'll put it in. Don't be shy--that'd be the doom of this periodical. I am loving this idea, and I really want to continue, but I can't do it all alone (am I sounding like a broken record??).

Loving Every Minute of It: Hawkeye

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