New Knowledge/Skill Areas

Mental K/S Areas

Combat, Computer MRCap
This K/S area is used when attacking and defending against IC, Anti-Personal, or similar attacks while Interfacing. This form of combat is an opposed K/S roll, instead of a standard test, as in physical Combat skills. For more information see the section on Interface Combat.

Cryotank Operations MMCap
This K/S allows the persona to operate, repair, and maintain life suspension and body chilling devices.

Cyberdeck Design (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5
This skill is required in order to design and repair cyberdecks. It also allows for such modifications as greater speed or memory. This K/S area gains a 10% cross application from electronics.

Cybertech MMCap s
The required K/S for repairing, designing, and maintaining cyberware. This skill does not allow implantation of such cyberware, Medical Tech is required for that. A persona with this skill can, however, repair broken cyberware, modify existing pieces, or even design their own. Any cyberware repaired or modified must be accessible without surgery, unless the proper K/S areas are possessed. This skill breaks down into the following sub-areas:

  1. Fashionware
  2. Neuralware
  3. Implants
  4. Bioware
  5. Cyberweapons
  6. Cyberoptics
  7. Cyberaudio
  8. Cyberlimbs
  9. Linear Frames/Body Replacements
  10. Body Plating

Demolition (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5
Demolition includes the know-how of explosives construction, disarming, placement, and identification. Personas possessing this skill can set or disarm explosives, as well as make the explosive compounds used in such devices. In order to disarm a bomb, or other such device, the persona must make an opposed check versus the skill of the bomb's creator. A failed roll indicates that the try was unsuccessful. An Automatic Failure results in the bomb detonating, while a Special Failure inflicts maximum damage. The Difficulty Rating can also be affected by time, equipment available, and the disarmer's familiarity with such devices, at the GM's discretion. The following table is a basis for the construction of an explosive.

     DR Check           Damage
     "Easy"             3D6
     "Moderate"         4D6
     "Hard"             6D6
     "Difficult"        8D6
     "Very Difficult"   10D6
     "Extreme"          12D6

Damage inflicted depends on the desire of the creator, but is restricted to Cutting, Piercing, Blunt, Impact, Chemical, or Fire. The damage can be broken up to include multiple damage types, or multiple rolls can be made to add other forms of damage. However, for each type added in such a form, the Difficulty Level increases by one, per addition. For example, an EP is making a bomb-type explosive to use against the HPs. He wants to make it very deadly, so he decides to have it inflict 6d6 Impact (for the explosion), 4d6 Piercing (shrapnel), and 4d6 Fire (as an added touch). He starts with the Impact at "Hard", then adds the Piercing, also at "Hard" because it is one DR harder. The Fire damage is made at "Difficult", being two levels harder. Modifiers to the above table are added for variations on explosive types, they are:

     DR Modification      Explosive Variations
+1 per Blast radius extends one meter radius +1 per Additional damage extension for blast -1 Working in laboratory +2 Working without propertools +1 Disarming unfamiliar type

The standard blast radius for an explosive is six meters radius. The damage code drops by one die for every meter away from the detonation point, so that some explosives may not even reach the six meter point. Even if an explosive should have damage remaining (i.e. 4d6 at the end of the six meters) the blast goes no further. However, the radius can be extended, as shown on the chart above. Also, the damage can be extended, so that the damage is spread more. The damage extension works on a per die basis, pushing up the damage code in each meter area by one die, up to the explosive's maximum potential. For example, the same EP is also creating a highly explosive tripwire mine to set up in a corridor. The mine will do 8d6 Impact for a base difficulty of "Difficult". The EP is working in a laboratory, and is extending the damage by two dice, making the roll "Very Difficult". If the EP wanted to add a Fire damage of 4d6, it would be made at "Moderate", because although he is working in a lab setting, he is adding another damage type. The Impact damage will be 8d6 for the first three meters (radius) of the blast, because of the damage extension. The damage will then drop by one die per meter, to 5d6 for the last meter of blast.
Note: Either an Electronics skill or the appropriate items must be acquired to use radio or electronic timers and detonators.

Electronics MMCap
This skill is used for maintaining, repairing, and modifying electronic instruments such as computers, personal electronics hardware, electronic security systems, cameras, and monitors. This K/S gives a 10% cross application to Cyberdeck Design.

Electronical Security (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5
This is the skill of installing or countering electronical eyes, electronic locks, bugs and tracers, security cameras, pressure plates, etc. This skill allows the persona to do such things as jimmy or install security cameras and apartment locks, override corporate office locks, and break into heavy security areas.

Interface (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5
This K/S area allows the persona to manipulate the world of the Internet. This skill is needed by anyone using computers, with or without Interface Plugs. Interface allows the persona to use any type of computer system, from keyboard to virtual reality simulations. This K/S only allows the persona to use computer functions, as Programming and Cyberdeck Design are separate K/S areas.

Library Search MRCap
This K/S area confers the ability to use databases, DataTerms, libraries, and other complied information sources to find facts.

Pharmaceuticals MMCap
This K/S area allows the persona to design and manufacture drugs and medicine. A Chemistry STEEP of at least 20 is required for manufacturing. This K/S area receives a 10% cross application from Chemistry.

Physics MMCap
This K/S area confers the ability to calculate physical principles, such as gas pressures, mechanical energies, etc. This K/S area grants a 10% cross application to Engineering, Military Engineering, and Mathematics.

Programming (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5
By use of this K/S area the persona can write programs and re-program computer systems. This K/S is essential in analyzing the nature and properties of programs and IC.

Special Interest MMCap
This K/S is unique as it can be taken as many times as desired. A Special Interest is a general knowledge skill in a specific area, such as Rock History, Presidents of the U.S., Anarchist Movements, etc. Any area not covered by an existing K/S area can be covered by this K/S.

System Knowledge MMCap
Anyone possessing this K/S has a basic knowledge of the net, its lore and history, as well as knowledge of the important computer systems, their strengths and weaknesses, and local 'Runners.

Physical K/S Areas

Aero Tech (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
This K/S area is required for repairing fixed wing aircraft, Ospreys, jets, and other light aircraft. Higher STEEPs allow major structural repairs and engine teardowns. Engine and aircraft design are also covered with this area. Aero tech receives a 10% cross-application from mechanics.

Arms & Armor, Modern (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5 s
This is a modern version of Arms & Armor, but applies to modern weapons. The sub-areas are as follows:

  1. Handguns
  2. Rifles
  3. Submachineguns
  4. Heavy Weapons
  5. Monomolecular
  6. Lasers
  7. Casual Armor
  8. Security Armor

AV Tech (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
This K/S area resembles that of Aero Tech, but instead applies to all ducted aerodyne vehicles. AV tech receives a 10% cross-application from Mechanics.

Combat, Handgun PNCap s
This K/S dictates the use of all handguns. A persona with this K/S using their STEEP as in Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile. Use the ROF table from that skill.

  1. Light pistols
  2. Medium Pistols
  3. Heavy Pistols
  4. Very Heavy Pistols
  5. Cyberpistols
  6. Other

Combat, Heavy Weapons PNCap s
This combat skill is identical to others of this nature, but affects the persona's ability to use military class weapons. Use the ROF table from Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile. The sub-areas are:

  1. Machine Guns
  2. Grenade Launchers and Mortars
  3. Missile and Rocket Launchers
  4. Auto cannons
  5. Exotics
  6. Railguns

Combat, Rifle PNCap
This area is similar to the other modern Combat K/S areas. It uses the Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile ROF table. It allows the user to use all forms of hunting rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, and the like.

Combat, SMGs PNCap s
This Combat K/S area closely resembles that of Handguns. It allows the user to accurately fire one or more varieties of submachineguns, machine pistols, and like weapons. This area uses the Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile table for ROF. The sub-areas are:

  1. Light SMGs
  2. Medium SMGs
  3. Heavy SMGs
  4. Machine Pistols

Dancing PNCap
This K/S area gives the persona the ability to perform different dance routines, imitate current dance styles, become "dominate" in zonedancing, etc. Although there are no sub-areas in this K/S, a persona may specialize in any one form of dance, as if a specialization, but may never become "proofed". This area gives a 10% cross-application to either Etiquette/Social Graces or Streetwise, depending on the player's preference, and if applicable, the specialized dance form.

Driving (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
This allows the persona to pilot and operate all forms of ground vehicles like cars, trucks, and hovercraft. This skill does not apply to cycles of any sort or aircraft.

Gyro Tech (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
This is the skill of repairing and maintaining rotorwing aircraft, such as helicopters and gyrocopters. This K/S area receives a 10% cross-application from Mechanics.

Medical Tech PMCap
This is the most advanced form of medical training, to which first aid is merely a prelude. Anyone possessing this K/S area is capable of performing surgery, doing cyberware implants, reviving patients from death, and so on. First aid must be taken before this K/S area can be. The persona possessing this area can double the healing time of a wounded persona, including himself. Upto one patient can be treated in this manner per 10 STEEP.

Motorcycle (PMPow + PNPow) x 0.5
This K/S area is required for the persona to operate motorcycles, cyberbikes, and any other two or three wheeled vehicles.

Operate Heavy Machinery (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
This area allows the persona to use tractors, tanks, very large trucks (semi), and construction equipment.

Piloting (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
This K/S area actually breaks down into four separate K/S areas that are all similar but different at once. Each piloting skill covers a different area of airborne vehicle knowledge, as defined below.
Dirigibles are all lighter than air vehicles, including cargo dirigibles, blimps, and powered balloons.
Fixed Wing are those such as wing jets and light airplanes.
Gyro includes helicopters, Ospreys, gyros, and all other rotorwing aircraft.
Vectored Thrust vehicles are those such as high altitude hovervehicles and AVs.

Spiritual K\S Areas

Interview SPPow
This K/S area allows the persona to extract information from the subject without the realization that this is not being volunteered. If successful, the subject will believe that all the information is being given freely. Any opposed roll must be made using the persona's Interview K/S vs. the subjects SPPow plus half the subjects Interview STEEP, if applicable. DR modifiers and other STEEP additions may be used at GMs discretion.

Personal Grooming SPCap
This is the skill of knowing proper grooming, hair styling, etc., to maximize physical attractiveness. A persona using this skill on him/herself could raise their Attractiveness one point per 20 STEEP by checking at "Hard per point to be obtained. When attempting to increase someone else's attractiveness, the DR becomes "Moderate", but the increase is only one point per 30 STEEP. This extra point lasts until some action occurs that may disrupt it, i.e. heavy sweating, rain, sleep, etc. Note that a persona's attractiveness could surpass 20, but the DR becomes one harder per point over. This K/S area cross applies 10% to Etiquette/Social Graces.

Photography (SMPow + SPPow) x 0.5
This K/S area covers the skill of producing professional caliber photographs or motion pictures.

Seduction SPCap
This K/S area allows the persona to attempt to seduce member of the opposite, or same, sex. To do so requires an opposed roll using the attempting persona's Seduction STEEP and Attractiveness vs. the "victim's" SP Category. If successful the subject is enamored with the persona for d6 ATs per 10 STEEP. A special success makes this days instead of ATs. Note that this does not mean that the personas actually engage in any sexual activity, although the use or suggestion of such activity is usually involved.

Wardrobe & Style SPPow
This is the ability to know the right clothes to wear, when to wear them, and how to look good where ever you are and in whatever you have on. A successful use of this skill can double the following K/S areas for one attempt, assuming the situation can call for it:

Also, this K/S area adds one point to the persona's attractiveness per 30 STEEP, if given proper time to prepare an outfit. This K/S area gives a 10% cross feed to Etiquette/Social Graces.

Universal K/S Areas

The following list replaces the Universal K/S areas in the Mythus book. For extended descriptions see page 96 in the Mythus rules.

Etiquette/Social Graces SEC x 5
Education SEC x 5 (+ [MMCap + MRCap] x 0.5 if a Mental Trait vocation)
Native Tongue SEC x 5 + MMCap
Streetslang SEC x 3 + MMCap
Perception (use appropriate for vocational Trait area, Spiritual may choose)
Physical Perception
2D10 + PNCap
+5 if a Physical Trait vocation
+5 if P Trait is 100+

Mental Perception
2d10 + MRCap
+5 if a Mental Trait vocation
+5 if M Trait is 100+

Note: Although it is still possible to generate Heka, it is impossible for the persona to utilize it in anyway, therefore, all magic has been eliminated from the game system, at least to HPs. However, such skills that generate Heka, but do not employ castings, may still be used for knowledge areas, i.e. Occultism, Magick, Religion, Pantheology, etc. Endurance may still be used as per the old rules, but may only use Physically produced Heka. Yoga still functions as normal as well. Further supplements may change this, but for now there is no magic.

New Sub-Areas

Combat, Hand Weapons - 11. Chainsaws

Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile - 11. Grenades