Cyberware Rules

Rules on Usage: The following chart is a translation of the effects of cyberware, as listed in the Cyberpunk 2020 Sourcebook, for use with Cybermyth. The major change comes in with Humanity, which now works as follows.

  1. Determine Humanity Cost for each piece of Cyberware.
  2. Add together costs.
  3. If costs exceed the persona's Spiritual Effect Level, then the persona suffers one point of insanity per point exceeding. The character becomes an OP if the Spiritual Trait is surpassed.

Otherwise, follow all the rules regarding Humanity. The Humanity Cost is not Spiritual Damage, nor does it affect any Spiritual K/S Areas or Spiritual checks.

Cyberware Listing

Cyberware            Surgery Function                                            HC     Costs  
Biomonitor              (N)  One DR easier for Tolerance and torture resistance.  1     100  
Skinwatch               (N)  Subdermal timepiece.                                 1     50  
Light Tattoo            (N)  Decorative tattoo.                                  .5     1-20  
Shift-tacts             (N)  Color changing contact lenses.                      .5     1-200  
ChemSkins               (N)  Color and pattern changing skin tints.              D3     200  
Synthskins              (N)  Color and pattern changing artificial skin.         D6     400  
Techhair                (M)  Color and light emitting artificial hair.            2     1-200            

Cyberware Surgery Function HC Costs Neuralware Neural Processor (M) Basic processor. Must have for all systems. D6 1000 Kerenzikov Boosterware (N) +3 per level to Physical Speeds for Initiative, Avoidance, and Dodge rolls. Max. level 2. D6/level 500 per level Speedware (Sandevistan) (N) +9 to Physical Speeds for Initiative, Avoidance, and Dodge rolls for 5 CTs. One CT activation. D3 1600 Tactile Boost (N) +10 to Perception checks requiring touch. 2 100 Olfactory Boost (N) +10 to Perception or Tracking checks requiring smell 2 100 Pain Editor (N) Can ignore WL. 2D6 200 Cybermodem Link (N) Allows direct connection to a cybermodem. 1 100 Vehicle Link (N) For direct vehicle operation only. 3 100 Smartgun Link (N) Direct smartweapon operation only. 2 100 Machine/Tech Link (N) Allows control of autofactories, large, and small machines. 2 100 DataTerm Link (N) Allows downloading from DataTerms into internal memory. 2 100 Interface Plug (M) Allows links to operate and use of reflex chips. D6/pair 200 Reflex Chips - Any Physical K/S area available in three levels. Each level grants a 10 STEEP. Will NOT produce Heka. Cannot be increased. - 200/level Memory Chip - As Reflex Chips, but Mental and Spiritual K/S Areas. - 250/level Chipware Socket (N) Allows upto 10 chips to be loaded D3 200

Cyberware Surgery Function HC Costs
Nasal Filter (M) Reduces inhaled toxin STR by 75%. 2 60 Gills (MA) Water breathing system. Good for 4 hours. 3D6 400 Independent Air Supply (MA) Good for 5 ATs. 2D6 300 Mr.Studd Sexual Implant(MA) All night, every night and she'll never know. +10 to Seduction checks upon GM approval. 2D6 300 Contraceptive Implant (N) Good for 5 years, 98% effective. .5 100 Subdermal Pocket (M) 2" x 4" space with RealSkinn zipper. 2D6 200 Adrenal Booster (M) +3 to Physical Speeds for Initiative, Avoidance, 2D6 400 and Dodge rolls. Good for d6+2 CTs, 3 times per day. Subdermal Armor (CR) Armors torso to 18 in all areas. 2D6 1200 Motion Detector (M) Detects motion in a 20sq./m. area. 70% effective. 2D6 200 Digital Recorder (M) 2 hr. storage from any digital source. 2 200 Audio/Video Tape Recorder(M) 2 hr. storage from audio/video links. 2 300 Radar Sensor (M) 100 m. range radar. Must have Cyberoptics. 70% 2 200 accurate. Sonar Implant (M) 50 m. range. Water only. 70% accurate. 2 300 Radiation Detector (M) 10 m. range. 80% detection effectiveness. 2 200 Chemical Analyzer (M) 5 m. range. 70% effectiveness. 2 200 Voice Synthesizer (M) Can mimic any of 10 recorded sounds, 60% accurate. D6 600 Audio Vox (M) Vocal synthesizer for special effects. +10 to GM 2D6 700 approved checks.

Cyberware Surgery Function HC Costs Bioware Grafted Muscle (MA) +3 per level to Physical Powers, but does not 2D6 1000/level affect K/S areas. Max. level 2. Muscle and Bone Lace (N) +6 to Physical Powers, but does not affect K/S areas D3 1500 Skinweave (N) Armors all areas to 12. 2D6 2000 Enhanced Antibodies (N) Improves Physical healing rate by one point per day D3 3000 Toxin Binders (N) Gives +20 bonus to Tolerance, and reduces poison D3 3000 STRs by 20%. Nanosurgeons (N) Doubles normal Physical healing rate. D3 6000

Cyberware Surgery Function HC Costs Cyberweapons Scratchers (N) Hands. D3 Cutting. 2D6 100 Vampires (N) Non-Lethal. D2 Piercing. Poison Injectors at double costs. 3D6 200 Rippers (M) Hands. D6+3 Cutting. Negates 5 points of armor. 3D6 400 Wolvers (M) Hands. Dd6 Cutting. Negates 5 points of armor. 3D6+1 600 Big Knucks (M) Hands. D6+2 Blunt. 3D6 500 Slice 'N Dice (M) Whips. 2D6 Cutting. Negates all armor. 3D6 700 Cybersnake (MA) Self-Controlling. D6 Piercing. 35 BAC. 2 Attacks/CT. 4D6 1200

Cyberware Surgery Function HC Costs Cyberoptics All costs and HC are per eye. Cybereyes (MA) Basic eye module. Can hold up to four options per eye. 20/20 vision, color of choice. 2D6 500 Color Shift (N) Allows color changes. .5 300 Image Enhancement (N) +10 to visual Perception checks. 1 300 Targeting Scope (N) +5 BAC with smartguns. 2 400 Time Square Marquee (N) LED screen in vision field for messages. 1 300 Teleoptic (N) Telescope ability 20x. .5 150 Micro-optics (N) Microscope. .5 150 Anti-Dazzle (N) Negates flash and laser blinding. .5 200 Low-Light (N) Darksee in dim light as if daylight. .5 200 Thermograph Sensor (N) See heat patterns. 1 200 Infrared Vision (N) Darksee by use of heat emissions. 1 200 Ultraviolet Vision (N) Darksee by UV flash. 1 200 Micro Video Optic (N) Video record upto 20 minutes. Takes two options. .5 300 Digital Camera (N) Shoots upto twenty images. Takes two options. .5 300 Dartgun (N) Poison dart. Three options. One dart. Dart K/S. 2 200

Cyberware Surgery Function HC Costs Cyberaudio All costs and HC are per ear. Cyberear (M) Basic ear module. No option limit. Perfect hearing. 2D6 500 Amplified Hearing (N) +5 to Hearing Perception checks. 1 200 Radio Link (N) Radio communication for upto 1 mile. 1 100 Phone Splice (N) Full Cellular communication (large city only). 1 150 Scrambler (N) Cannot overhear conversation without descrambler. .5 100 Bug Detector (N) Detects taps, bugs upto 3 meters. 60% effective. .5 200 Voice Stress Analyzer (N) Lie detector. +10% to related checks. 1 200 Sound Editing (N) +10 to Hearing Perception checks to hear specific conversations. .5 150 Enhanced Hearing Range (N) Ability to hear supersonic and subsonic ranges. 2 150 Wearman (N) Stereo music system. .5 100 Radar Detector (N) Beeps if radar is detected. 40% chance of locating the source. .5 150 Homing Tracer (N) Can follow a tracer upto 1 km. .5 200 Tight Beam Radio Link (N) Allows untappable radio communication within LOS. 1 200 Wide Band Radio Scanner (N) Will pick up all transmissions on all bands; Scanner 2 100 Micro-recorder Link (N) Transmits to recorder in body or via plugs. .5 100 Digital Recording Link (N) Transmits sounds to a digital recorder. .5 100 Level Damper (N) Automatic noise compensation. .5 300

Cyberware Surgery Function HC Costs Cyberlimbs All costs and HC are per limb/option. Cyberarm (CR) Standard arm replacement. 40 P Trait. Uses persona's Attributes. Up to 4 options. 2D6 3000 Cyberleg (CR) Standard leg replacement. 40 P Trait. Uses persona's Attributes. Up to 3 options. 2D6 2000 Quick Change Mount (N) Allows cyberware change in one BT. 2 200 Hydraulic Rams (N) Increases limb's P Trait to 75. Triples PMPow. 3 200 Thicken Myomars (N) Increases limb's P Trait to 60. Doubles PMPow. 2 250 Reinforced Joints (N) Increases limb's P Trait by 10. 1 200 Artificial Shoulder Mount(CR)Mount upto two extra arms below the first. 2D6 1500 Microwave/EMP Shielding (N) Limb is unaffected by Microwave side effects. 1 300 Plastic Covering (N) In colors or transparent. 1 300 RealSkinn (N) Limb looks like real. Perception at Difficult to notice. Lowers HC by d3. 1 1-200 Superchromeþ (N) High gloss metallic covering. 3 200 Armor (N) Gives 20 points of armor to all location on that limb only. D6 200

Cyberware Surgery Function HC Costs Cyberlimb Attachments Attachments do count against the option limit.
The appropriate standard hand/foot comes with a cyberlimb, no additional cost.
Standard Hand (N) Resembles normal hand. 0 150 Ripper Hand (N) Standard hand with Rippers built in. 2D6 600 Hammer Hand (N) Hydraulic ram does 3D6 Blunt damage. 2D6 600 Buzz Hand (N) Wire circular saw. 2D6+2 Cutting damage, negates 5 points of armor. 2D6 600 Tool Hand (N) Fingers contain screwdriver, wrench, small drill, etc 2 200 Grapple Hand (N) Extends rocket-propelled grapple, 100' line. 3 350 Extension Hand (N) Hand extends on collapsible sleeve upto 1 meter. 2 350 Spike Hand (N) Palm spike extends true fingers, doing D6+3 Piercing damage, negates 5 points of armor. 2D6 500 Modular Hand (N) Choose any 4 modular tools. 2 600 Standard Foot (N) Resembles normal foot. 0 200 Talon Foot (N) Extends toe blades, D6 Piercing damage, negates 5 points of armor. 2D6 600 Web Foot (N) Doubles movement rate when swimming. +15 to Swimming checks. 2 500 Grip Foot (N) Designed for better gripping strength. +10 to all climbing checks. 2 500 Spike Heel Foot (N) Heel spike for climbing (+5) or lethal kicks. Does 2D6 Piercing damage, negates 5 points of armor. 2D6 500

Cyberware Surgery Function HC Costs Cyberlimb Built Ins
AV Tape Recorder (N) 2 hour micro cassette storage, needs external pickup 1 250 Cybermodem (N) Built in cyberdeck. 5000 BUCs for Cellular version. 1 3000 Digital Recorder (N) Digital chip recorder. Must download or erase chip. 1 300 Storage Space (N) 2" x 6" storage space. Can be locked. .5 50 MiniCam (N) Pop up digital camera, 20 shots. 2 200 MiniVid (N) Pop up mini-video camera, 30 minutes. 2 400 Hidden Holster (N) May conceal a gun upto Heavy Pistol sizes. 1 100 LCD Screen Readout (N) Can be linked to any output device. 1 200 Techscanner (N) Internal Techscanner, see Cyberpunk p. 69. 3 400

Cyberware Surgery Function HC Costs Cyberweapons Can only be used in Cyberlimbs. Grenade Launcher (N) Internal grenade launcher, carries one grenade. 2D6 500 Micro-Missile Launcher (N) Carries 4 mini-missiles, each does 4d6 Impact damage, using standard area effect rules. Reloads costs 75 BUCs each. 2D6 900 Pop-up Gun (N) May mount any pistol, upto Very Heavy, in limb. 2D6 200-800 Flame Thrower (N) Internal flame thrower. One shot capacity. 2D6 600 Weapon Mount & Link (N) Mounting plate and neural link for one weapon. 3 100 2 Shot Capacitor Laser (N) Shoulder mounted smaller version of standard laser. 2 shots, doing 3d6 damage as per standard laser. 2D6 800

Cyberware Surgery Function HC Costs Linear Frames Reduce PSpds by 2 when in use. Can lift 60x PMPow in lb. Frame (MA) PMPow of 24. 2D6 6000 Frame (MA) PMPow of 28. 2D6 8000 Frame (MA) PMPow of 32. 3D6 10000

Cyberware Surgery Function HC Costs Body Plating Cowl (MA) Skullcap, all areas in the head have 25 points of armor. D6 200 Faceplate (CR) Protective face mask, 25 armor to all areas in the head. 4D6 400 Torso Plate (MA) 25 armor to all areas in the torso, -4 to PSpds. 3D6 2000 Front Optic Mount (MA) Allows upto 5 optics to be mounted on face. -5 to ATT. 4D6 1000 Sense Extension (M) "Rabbit Ears". Head mounted extension for audio, optics, etc. 3D6 500 each

Exceeding Capacity: In some cases cyberware may allow for a persona to exceed his/her Physical Capacities. If this should occur, the higher rating can still be used, after all Capacities are the human limit, and these are non-human augmentations. However, whenever undo stress is placed on the piece(s) of cyberware that is responsible for the increase, there is a percentage chance that bad things happen. This chance is worked out as the difference between Capacity and the Attribute in question. If that percentage is rolled then the persona suffers 3d6 PD, and that piece or pieces of cyberware are damage and will not function until they can be repaired. Repair costs will run 10% of the cyberware's cost, plus any surgery costs. It is strictly GM's discretion as to when the cyberware is overstressed.