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Legalese/Fine Print: This document may be freely re-distributed electronically provided that there is no charge for the document beyond normal connection/transmission charges. It may be printed out for personal or group use, but may not be sold as a product or part of a product. BUGHUNTERS, AMAZING ENGINE, Dangerous Journeys, Mythus, and Mythus Prime are (c) TSR, Inc. This document makes use of the rules found in BUGHUNTERS and Mythus Prime, and cannot accurately convey the feeling of either without possessing BUGHUNTERS and Mythus Prime. A deliberate attempt has been made to avoid duplicating non-mechanics sections.

The AMAZING ENGINE universe book BUGHUNTERS used as a DANGEROUS JOURNEYS PRIME genre module, part one: The Player Information (character creation, combat)

The background information is per the BUGHUNTERS worldbook for the AMAZING ENGINE system. The general mechanics for handling combat (unless otherwise noted) are per Mythus Prime, as are all K/S rolls and the like. Only those sections that are changed are described below.


Background and look of characters as per BUGHUNTERS.

I: Generate TRAITS

The HP receives 150 points (30 more than in MYTHUS PRIME) to distribute among the Mental, Physical, and Spiritual TRAITS. No TRAIT can receive more than 75 nor less than 25. In addition, 1D6+1 determines SEC, as per MYTHUS PRIME. (Synners are above-average, genetically engineered clones, as per BUGHUNTERS.)

II: Calculate Stamina and Body Points

Damage is accrued against the Physical TRAIT, as per normal. Wound level is determined as per MYTHUS PRIME.

III: Determine Background Occupation

Synners are modified clones, so SEC has little bearing on Vocation (unlike MYTHUS PRIME), but it does determine the HP's background and memories. Cross-reference the following chart for suggested backgrounds:

   SEC     Class               Possible Occupations
     2      Middle Lower Class  Unemployed, Sales Clerk, Factory Worker
     3      Upper Lower Class   Sales Clerk, Factory Worker, Office Clerk
                                Enlisted Military
     4      Lower Middle Class  Enlisted Military, Teacher, Specialist
     5      Middle Middle Class Specialist, Military Officer, Lower Executive
     6      Upper Middle Class  Executive, Military Officer, Shop Owner
     7      Lower Upper Class   Corporate Executive, Small Business Owner,
                                High Military Officer, Politician

IV - VIII: Use the following replacement sections:

IV: Basic K/S and Vocation

Note: The Vocations simply reflect training, although they obviously mesh with certain MSO's. By picking up other K/S Areas, the HP's would be able to gain ranks and switch MSO's as time progresses. Like the Vocations in Prime, these reflect the training that all UTRPF troops have undergone, modified by which MSO was chosen to begin with.




Engineer: (Mental)                     Grunt: (Physical)
------------------                     -----------------
Engineering, Electrical  30 M          Weapons, Small Arms      30 P
Engineering, Mechanical  25 M          Weapons, Heavy Arms      25 P
Computer Systems         25 S          Maneuvering, High-G      25 P
Computer Programming     20 M          Weapons, Special Skills  20 P
Maneuvering, High-G      20 P          Sports                   20 P
Maneuvering, Low-G       20 P          Street-Wise              20 S
Sciences, Physics        20 M          Jury-Rigging             20 S
Weapons, Small Arms      15 P          Military Science         15 M
Jury-Rigging             15 S          Crim Activ, Physical     15 P
Sciences, Chemistry      10 M          Computer Systems         10 S

Gunner: (Mental)                       Medic: (Mental)
----------------                       ---------------
Weapons, Mil, All Other  30 M          First Aid                30 P
Computer Systems         25 S          Sciences, Biology        25 M
Computer Programming     25 M          Sciences, Chemistry      25 M
Navigation, Interstellar 20 M          Medicine, General        20 M
Engineering, Electrical  20 M          Jury-Rigging             20 S
Sciences, Physics        20 M          Computer Systems         20 S
Weapons, Heavy Arms      20 P          Xenological Theory       20 M
Weapons, Small Arms      15 P          Weapons, Small Arms      15 P
Weapons, Special Skills  15 P          Foreign Language, Latin  15 P
Engineering, Mechanical  10 M          Weapons, Heavy Arms      10 P

Pilot: (Mental)                        Protocol Officer: (Spiritual)
---------------                        -----------------------------
Piloting                 30 M          Leadership               30 S
Navigation, Interstellar 25 M          Military Science         25 M
Computer Systems         25 S          Charismaticism           25 S
Computer Programming     20 M          Law                      20 M
Maneuvering, Low-G       20 P          Weapons, Small Arms      20 P
Leadership               20 S          Navigation, Interstellar 20 M
Sciences, Physics        20 M          Jury-Rigging             20 S
Engineering, Electrical  15 M          Philosophy               15 S
Weapons, Small Arms      15 P          Maneuvering, Low-G       15 P
Weapons, Mil, All Other  10 M          Weapons, Mil, All Other  10 M

Scout: (Physical)
Criminal Act, Physical   30 P
Weapons, Small Arms      25 P
Combat, Hand Weapons     25 P
Combat, Hnd Wpn, Missile 20 P
Weapons, Heavy Arms      20 P
First Aid                20 P
Sciences, Biology        20 M
Maneuvering (*)          15 P
Jury-Rigging             15 S
Sciences, Chemistry      10 M

(*) The Scout should choose whether he was trained in High-G or Low-G. Of course, the other K/S can always be taken as a bonus area

V: Choose Bonus K/S

Bonus K/S Areas are selected as per Mythus Prime.

The following are the general K/S Areas:

       Combat, Hand-to-Hand, Lethal   P    20
        Perception (Mental)            M    20
        Native Tongue (English)        M SECx5

Everyone gets the above, due to basic training and such. It is highly recommended that First Aid be taken by most (if not all) HP's. The base STEEP is slightly lower than in Mythus Prime to prevent people from starting with absurdly high STEEP.

VI: K/S Table

MENTAL:                     PHYSICAL:                 SPIRITUAL:
Comm Gear                   Combat, Hnd Wpns          Art
Computer Programming        Combat, Hnd Wpns, Missile Charismaticism
Criminal Activities, Mental Combat, HTH, Lethal       Computer Systems
Engineering, Electrical     Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal   Impersonation
Engineering, Environmental  Criminal Activities, Phys Jury-Rigging
Engineering, Mechanical     Disguise                  Leadership
Foreign Language            First Aid                 Philosophy
Law                         Maneuvering, High-G       Religion
Linguistics                 Maneuvering, Low-G        Street-wise
Medicine, General           Perception (Physical)     Thespianism
Military Science            Sports
Native Tongue (English)     Swimming
Navigation, Interstellar    Weapons, Heavy Arms
Perception (Mental)         Weapons, Small Arms
Piloting                    Weapons, Special Skills
Sciences (choose)
Weapons, Mil, All Other
Xenological Theory

VII: Determining Rank and Current MSO/Position

Rank should be initially handed out by the JM (ignore all the stuff about points and such in BUGHUNTERS), based on how the campaign is starting, and what the long-term goals may be.

MSO is determined by two things: (1) Vocation and (2) where you want to start. For creation, ignore the percentages in BUGHUNTERS (but if you switch MSO's later, you will need to follow their procedure, using SEC 7 = B, SEC 6 = C, etc to determine bonus). You must have the required skill / K/S in order to take the MSO! If the skill listed in BUGHUNTERS does not agree with the K/S title, refer to the K/S area list (chapter 2) to see which map to which. Use common sense, and ask your JM if you have questions.

VIII: Finances

Finances can be run as per BUGHUNTERS, but that doesn't yield much. Assume that, for each rank attained, the HP will receive twice the minimum rank points (chart p.26 of BUGHUNTERS) in BUCs to use as DMI, and all other expenses (including medical care, housing, food, etc) are taken care of as appropriate to the HP's rank.

IX: Improving your HP

As per MYTHUS PRIME, AP's can be spent in three ways:
  1. 1:1 for improved STEEP in an existing K/S Area
  2. 3:1 for improving a TRAIT
  3. 5 to buy new K/S Area at 5 STEEP

A K/S Area can be improved no more than 5 STEEP per game month.


[These are notes on which skills map to which, and what is different from Mythus Prime -- they are NOT intended to be complete descriptions, that might violate too many copyrights]

Mental K/S Areas:

Comm Gear:
As per BUGHUNTERS, assume both sub-areas (Commm Procedure, Isler Radio) are covered.

Computer Programming:
This Area covers the ability to convince a computer to do something, whether it is navigate to a planet or set up a front-end program to make the user's life easier. In Advanced rules, this would be broken up into Systems Programming, Program Use, Compiler Construction, Operating System Programming, etc.

Criminal Activities, Mental:
As per Mythus Prime (doesn't map to specific BUGHUNTERS skills, but seemed appropriate complementary area to Criminal Activities, Physical)

Engineering, Electrical:
This covers the same stuff as Engineering, Electrical (BUGHUNTERS, pp. 31 and 32).

Engineering, Environmental:
This covers the same stuff as Engineering, Environmental (BUGHUNTERS, pp. 32-33).

Engineering, Mechanical:
This covers the same stuff as Engineering, Mechanical (BUGHUNTERS, p. 32).

Foreign Language:
As per Mythus Prime (foreign languages would be chosen from Earth normal)

As per BUGHUNTERS, except: for every 10 STEEP possessed, in addition to general United Terra law, the HP gains one specific area of knowledge (for instance, United States national law, or Sony corporate law, or New York City Law -- as wide or narrow as the player wishes, subject to JM approval).

As per BUGHUNTERS (altered mechanics: given time to study a new language (up to JM on exact time), can make temporary STEEP in the language of 5 or 10, depending on exposure and practice, which fades as the HP stops using it; also, using old language in new situation, will quickly pick up the dialect (e.g. going from Southern American to Cockney)).

Medicine, General:
This covers the areas mentioned in BUGHUNTERS

Military Science:
As per BUGHUNTERS (ignore the suggested die modifiers)

Native Tongue (English):
As per Mythus Prime (note that English is the language of UTRPF)

Navigation, Interstellar:
This allows three distinct levels of navigation capability, depending on STEEP:

1 -25: Planetary (how to get from place A to place B on a planet)
26-50: Space (from planet to planet, or planet to vessel, etc)
51+:   Hyperspace (how to navigate through hyperspace from system to system)
Obviously, all Navigators and those who aspire to that occupation need this K/S Area.

Perception (Mental):
As per Mythus Prime

Like Navigation, this comes in three levels, based on STEEP:

1-25: Surface (any planetary surface vehicle, hovercraft, motorcycle, etc)
26-50: Aerospace (any airplane/spaceship)
51+:   Hyperspace (handling any ship through hyperspace)
Anyone aspiring to be a Pilot of any sort should take this K/S.

Sciences (choose):
The four major disciplines are: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology. Each acts as per BUGHUNTERS.

Weapons, Military, All Others:
This includes gunnery from spaceships and vehicles, and stationary cannon (huge cannon that actually have seats for the soldier to sit in when firing). When jury-rigged, this can also include more primitive weapons, such as catapults (and variants) and ballista. (This is equivalent to BUGHUNTERS' Gunnery skill.)

Xenological Theory:

Physical K/S Areas:

Combat, Hand Weapons:
As per Mythus Prime

Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile:
As per Mythus Prime

Combat, Hand-to-Hand, Lethal:
As per Mythus Prime

Combat, Hand-to-Hand, Non-Lethal:
As per Mythus Prime

Criminal Activities, Physical:
As per Mythus Prime (note: a lot of the Covert Actions are included here: Camouflage, Lockpicking (Mechanical), Security Systems, Stealth; the others have their own skills)

As per Mythus Prime & BUGHUNTERS

Maneuvering, High-G:
As per BUGHUNTERS High-G Maneuver in theory, but in practice: before attempting any moderately strenuous action in High-G environment (i.e. aiming a weapon, anything requiring a K/S check), this must be made first, and if it fails, the HP is Dazed and takes 1D6 points of Physical damage from the strain until the HP has a chance to rest for at least fifteen minutes (the damage would be healed normally).

Maneuvering, Low-G:
As per BUGHUNTERS Low-G Maneuver in theory, but in practice: in order to do any Physical K/S action that requires a roll in a Low-G situation, the HP must roll against the lower of this and the other K/S. (If this K/S is not possessed, then the HP has an effective STEEP of half their normal STEEP)

Perception (Physical):
As per Mythus Prime (and BUGHUNTER's 'Searching' skill)

This includes knowledge of most sports, and some of the stuff covered by Athletics (BUGHUNTERS), although it does not allow the multiple rolls described there. (Since this is Prime, it would also cover anything in the Games, Physical K/S)

As per Mythus Prime's mechanics

Weapons, Heavy Arms:
This includes larger/assault weapons, and allows attacks using this K/S Area's STEEP on the rolls. Typical weapon types are: Anti-armor weapons, Grenade Launchers, and Mortars (see chart under combat for damage).

Weapons, Small Arms:
This includes mainly sidearms and longarms. Sidearms are pretty much pistol-sized, and can be handled with one hand, while longarms are rifles, shotguns and the like.

Weapons, Special Skills:
There are two areas covered by this K/S: Autofire and Burst. Note: an HP with 25 or less STEEP in this K/S can choose only one, otherwise the HP gets both sub-areas.
Autofire acts much like Autofire in the BUGHUNTERS game. Any attacks are made against this K/S if using Autofire to suppress. All characters aware of Autofire (i.e. all Marines and such, who can hear) will have to make a check against their Spiritual TRAIT at half in order to avoid immediately going prone (regardless of whether or not they have already done something this CT) when under Autofire.
Burst allows the HP to attack with a 'burst' rather than a single shot from certain projectile weapons, increasing damage but decreasing chance of hitting.

Spiritual K/S Areas:


As per Mythus Prime, but for purposes of BUGHUNTERS, Protocol is subsumed into Charismaticm, as it does not really warrant its own K/S in a bare-bones system like BUGHUNTERS PRIME

Computer Systems:
This Area complements Computer Programming by allowing a user to sit down at an unfamiliar system and use it with no or minimal instruction (thus being under Spiritual rather than Mental). It has no real programming, but is simply an intuitive means of using an unfamiliar system (much like a Unix guru sitting down at a DOS machine). Note: computers are as described in BUGHUNTERS, p.29. See there for full explanation.

As per Mythus Prime

As per Mythus Prime (adapted for BUGHUNTER's technology, of course)

As per Mythus Prime


As per BUGHUNTERS and Mythus Prime, but without generating Heka.

As per Mythus Prime (similar to BUGHUNTER's Street Smarts)

As per Mythus Prime


[This chapter in BUGHUNTERS gives the basic information on what life in the UTRPF is like. Read it. It has no game mechanics, so there is no adaptation here]


For combat, use the Mythus Prime rules, and, where needed, use the Mythus Prime damages as well (for instance, a bayonet should be treated as a spear in terms of damage). Additional weapons and UTRPF armor is listed below:

(Note: attacks by weapons marked WSA use Weapons, Small Arms, and those marked by WHA use Weapons, Heavy Arms, and those marked by HW/M use Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile, and those marked MAO use Weapons, Military, All Other for the attack rolls.)

Missile/Projectile Weapon Attacks Table:
Weapon:             Mag:  Damage: per CT: K/S:  Range:
Knife/Dagger         --    2D6       2    HW/M  P TRAIT in feet
Spear                --    3D6       1    HW/M  P TRAIT in feet
Flamethrower         10   2D6(1)/CT 1(10) WHA   10 yards
Grenade Launcher     15 see Grenades 1    WHA   
  Direct                                        200 yards
  Indirect                                      400 yards
  Flechette               2D6(1)                70 yards
Laser, Repeating    5000  4D6(1)     2(3) MAO   500 yards
Laser, Sniper        20   3D6(1)     2    WSA   250 yards
Machine Gun/Howler  2000             4(4) WHA
  Standard/Tracer          1D6                  50 yards
  Splatter                 2D6                  50 yards
  HEJA                    3D6(1)                70 yards
  HEAP                    3D6(2,5)              50 yards
  HEAT                    4D6(2)                50 yards
  UHDUG                   5D6(2)                50 yards
Machine Pistol       150   1D6       5(6) WSA   80 yards
Missile Launcher*    10  20D6(2)      1   WHA   500 yards
Mortar, Small        --  see grenades 2   MAO   400 yards
Pistol, Heavy                         3   WSA
  Standard/Tracer    13    1D6                  40 yards
  Splatter           12   2D6(1)                40 yards
  HEJA                7   3D6(1)                60 yards
Pistol, Large                         3   WSA
  Standard           13    1D6                  35 yards
  JA                 10    2D6                  50 yards
Pistol, Small         4    1D6        4   WSA   20 yards
Pistol, Stun         13               3   WSA   30 yards
  Small setting           1D6(2)
  Human setting           2D6(2)
  Large setting           4D6(2)
Rifle, Assault       200   2D6       5(7) WSA   150 yards
Rifle, Civilian       6    1D6        2   WSA   150 yards
Rifle, Tranquilizer  30   trank       5   WSA   100 yards
Shotgun, Automatic   30              1(8) WSA   60 yards
  Flechette               2D6(1)
  Explosive               3D6(2)
  AP                     3D6(2,5)
Shotgun, Civilian    1-5  2D6(2)      2   WSA   50 yards
Shotgun, Spec Forces 15              1(9) WSA   60 yards
  Flechette               2D6(1)
  Explosive               3D6(2)
  AP                     3D6(2,5)

(1) These weapons gain a half-Exposure roll when calculating damage (roll 1D3, multiply the damage by this number)
(2) These weapons gain an Exposure roll when calculating damage (roll 1D6, multiply the damage by this number)
(3) In Autofire, the ammo is expended at 100 per CT, and when using Burst, it fires 6 rounds per attack.
(4) In Autofire, the ammo is expended at 500 per CT, and when using Burst, it fires 50 rounds per attack.
(5) AP (Armor-Piercing) and HEAP rounds (High Explosive, Armor-Piercing) ignore armor protection. In Advanced terms, they are IMPACT damage, and thus go through almost all armor *unless the description specifies otherwise*
(6) In Autofire, the ammo is expended at 150 per CT, and when using Burst, it fires 12 rounds per attack.
(7) In Autofire, the ammo is expended at 25 per CT, and when using Burst, it fires 8 rounds per attack.
(8) In Autofire, the ammo is expended at 15 per CT, and when using Burst, it fires 8 rounds per attack.
(9) In Autofire, the ammo is expended at 12 per CT, and when using Burst, it fires 4 rounds per attack.
(10)In Autofire, the ammo is expended at 10 per CT, and when using Burst, it fires 5 rounds per attack.

* The damage for the missile launcher seems impressive, but they are military-held (only), and will rarely be used because of the probable backlash and fairly large area of effect (figure the explosion causes full damage within 10 yards, half damage for the next 10 yards, quarter damage for the next ten yards), as well as the expense of the rounds.

Grenade table: (thrown using Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile)

Type                    Damage (1)      Blast radius
Smoke Grenade           obscures vision 
Stun Grenade            16 (2)          20 yards
Frag Grenade            16/6D6*         20 yards
Incendiary Grenade      16/4D6*         20 yards
HE Mortar Round         24/8D6*         20 yards
Satchel Charge
    Shapeless           80/12D6*        30 yards
    Shaped, front       200/24D6*       35 yards
    Shaped, sides&rear  60/6D6*         25 yards
(1) The number before the blast is concussive damage done by the explosion, it is applied as per BUGHUNTERS p.53. The blast radius for each grenade was determined using these rules. Any grenade marked by * receives a 1D6 exposure roll if within half the blast radius, and a 1D3 exposure roll if more than half the distance from the blast, but within the radius. Damage is multiplied by this. (note that for this, a yard and a meter are fairly close in size)
(2) The stun grenade causes *only* concussive damage, which should be applied to all three TRAITs (Physical, Mental, Spiritual). Only the Physical damage can be absorbed by armor protection.

Special note (Burst fire):
Anyone with Weapons, Special Skills (Burst) can fire at -20% to hit (the damage assumes single rounds, aimed carefully). The advantage, however, is that if they hit, they cause double damage (for instance, a Machine gun using HEAP rounds would cause 3D6 times 1D6 points of damage, doubled, but expend 50 rounds). The Rate of Fire does not change, but each shot expends the Burst number of rounds, rather than a single round.

Special note (Autofire):
As mentioned above under Weapons, Special Skills, whenever Autofire is within hearing, all UTRPF forces in the area (who can hear it) must make a roll against half their Spiritual TRAIT in order to not automatically drop prone (probably forfeiting any action not taken, but done even if action already taken).
In addition, a similar check must be made any time the HP needs to enter an area covered by Autofire, otherwise the HP cannot enter the area (although they can otherwise act normally).

Repair: (this should really be called healing, but it was called repair in BUGHUNTERS)

Personas heal at the rate of 1 point of damage per day, 2 if they are careful, resting, and under the care of someone with First Aid or Medicine, General. If in a controlled environment (sick bay), double this. If especially cared for in a sick bay (and confined, pumped up with drugs and such), an HP can heal as much as 5 points of Physical damage per day. Even under dedicated care, an HP can never regain more than 2 points of Mental or Spiritual damage per day. All three TRAITS can be healing at the same time.
In addition, there are stimulants which will 'fake' healing, at a cost. Note that the damage restored is effectively taken again when the stimulant wears off, potentially resulting in death, and the stimulant will never bring the HP to a higher Physical TRAIT than 110% of the HP's full Physical TRAIT (i.e. a P TRAIT of 70 could be raised as high as 77 for the duration). Also, the stimulant has a cost in effective Mental and
Spiritual TRAITS, as it taxes the mind as well as the body, and that is taken immediately upon using the stimulant. It can only be 'healed' by rest, and effects of going below 80% are as per Dazing (Mythus Prime rules). Continual use of stimulants will eventually daze, and force to pass out, and potentially kill an HP!

   Type:       Damage restored:    Duration:     Cost in M&S:
    Light         5 points            1 hr            5
    Medium       10 points            2 hrs          10
    Heavy        30 points            3 hrs          15


[use the descriptions as per BUGHUNTERS, but ignore most mechanics; those which need to be adapted are mentioned below, or are corrected on the charts in the Combat chapter]

[Don't forget that each MSO has typical gear assigned to it, so the party will not be a bunch of grunts wandering around with missile launchers. I recommend enforcing this rule religiously!]

Helmet and Flak vest: as described, average armor of 3

Body Armor: average armor: 6 (ranged attacks only), initiative penalty of -1

E-Suit: Average armor: 4 (but after absorbing that amount, it punctures the suit!); additional armor plates increase this to 10 (and removes the capability of being punctured) & initiative penalty of -1 (armor plated only)

High-G Exoskeleton: Average armor: 10 & initiative penalty of -1; adding armor plating to this increases protection to 20, and the initiative penalty to -2

Reflective Armor: imposes a -10 penalty to attacks using lasers, and average armor of 6 against lasers only (no protection against anything else)

Targeting Visor: as described


CHAPTER 7: L-5 (Stargate)

[Both of these chapters can be left alone, just replace any of their checks with the nearest K/S or TRAIT. The space combat system is intended to be cinematic in feel, without allowing complete destruction of any ships. Replacing Gunnery checks with Weapons, Military, All Other K/S checks will allow the system to be used as written.]

Written by Michael Phillips (msphil@widomaker.com)