(Sunlight, Agathocacological, Intermediate, Minor God)

Kuan Yu is sometimes referred to as the Chinsungese God of War (or, perhaps, one of many such gods of war), but he is more properly considered the God of Martial Values (courage, strength, endurance, loyalty, etc). He was originally mortal, and sold bean curd in his youth. Through many adventures and such, he gained numerous allies (including Chiao Kuan and Huai Nan Tsu). He was said to have appeared over a battle in the 100's AAF, where his appearance turned the tide of the battle against the barbarians.

Kuan Yu (and by inference, his priests) acts as the governor and protector of the people, primarily acting as a judge. People may come to his temple with their complaints, and, in response, his equerry (Shou-ts'ang) is sent to pass sentence on the injuring party. Occasionally, Kuan Yu requests that another god deal with the problem.

For a fee and a small, burnt offering to Kuan Yu, his Priests will preside over a divination using numbered runestones.

Grade I:

Bolstercourage Charm
Time: 1 AT Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 creature R&D: Nil
Distance: Touch Other: Nil
E/F/M: By means of this quick Casting, the priest of Kuan Yu can enhance the courage of a warrior or fellow follower of Kuan Yu. The subject will feel more courageous (although not to the point of being foolhardy). In practical terms, the courage conferred will give a bonus of +10 to any check against fear.

Portent of Numbers Ritual
Time: 1 ATOther Heka Costs:
Area: 0R&D: Nil
Distance: TouchOther: Nil
E/F/M: This short ritual, which commences with the burning of an offering suitable to Kuan Yu, will reveal small snippets of information regarding the future, although typically in a manner that will become clear with hindsight and meditation. (Suggestion for JM's: don't give anything away with this -- suitable surreal imagery and babbling are most appropriate, something that seems vaguely appropriate to the adventure's probable course.)

Grade II:

Balance of Judgement Ritual
Time: 1 ATOther Heka Costs:
Area: 1 subjectR&D: Nil
Distance: TouchOther: Nil
E/F/M: This Ritual, performed by Kuan Yu's Priests only at a complaint of minor nature by a proper follower, will result in a suitable judgement upon one party. Should the petitioner be found to be unjust and improper in placing the complaint, he shall be stricken, else the person complained against shall be so stricken. The judgement shall be hailed by a vision of Shou-ts'ang the next time the victim dreams, and an appropriate penalty or malaise shall be laid upon him until suitable reparations are made.

Heighten Endurance Formula
Time: 1 hour per 10 STEEPOther Heka Costs:
Area: 1 creatureR&D: Nil
Distance: TouchOther: 1:1 additional STEEP
E/F/M: By means of this Casting, the Priest conveys an effect increasing the subject's capability of enduring adversity. The subject will gain the Endurance K/S Area at one STEEP per 10 STEEP of Priestcraeft possessed by the Priest, or if Endurance is already possessed, at a like bonus. Endurance may then be increased by one STEEP per additional point of Heka spent, but the total effective STEEP may not exceed the Priestcraeft STEEP possessed by the caster. The altered Endurance STEEP does not convey additional Heka generation, but all other effects of the K/S Area remain.

Grade III:

Increased Loyalty Ritual
Time: Variable Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 subject per 10 STEEP R&D: Nil
Distance: 1 rod per 10 STEEP Other: Nil
E/F/M: By means of this ritual, which must last at least 1 AT, plus 1 BT per subject being affected, the Priest is able to increase the loyalty of the subjects to their cause. The exact effects are variable, but the shakiest of loyalties will become strong, and strong loyalty will become incorruptible. The primary use of this ritual is to encourage the loyalty of a band of warriors prior to battle. However, it has been known to work strangely upon persons with extremely strong (even fanatical) loyalty opposite to the cause being exhorted, as it will reinforce their fanatical loyalty and not the desired one.

Grade IV:

Kuan Yu's Strength Charm
Time: 1 BT Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 subject R&D: Nil
Distance: 1 rod Other: 25:1 additional BT
E/F/M: This Casting confers the favor and strength of Kuan Yu upon its recipient, in the form of a bonus of 1 to each PMCap, PMPow, and PMSpd for every 5 STEEP possessed by the Priest, including a like addition to the PM Category and P TRAIT, all of which vanish upon the expiration of the Casting. The duration of the Casting may be extended by an additional BT for every 25 additional Heka spent.

Grade V:

Battleturn Cantrip
Time: 1 AT per 10 STEEP Other Heka Costs:
Area: up to 1 subject per STEEP R&D: Nil
Distance: 1 rod per STEEP Other: Nil
E/F/M: Priests of Kuan Yu are particularly careful in using this Cantrip, for while it confers great favor upon its recipients, it may only be used in the most dire of situations, when the tide of battle must be turned, or it shall result in the defeat of Kuan Yu's interests. The effects are an immediate removal of 3D6 points of P damage, a bonus of 10 STEEP to all Combat K/S Areas, and the erasing of Dazing or fatigue for the recipients. The Priest may control which creatures (to a maximum of 1 per STEEP of Priestcræft possessed) are so affected.

All effects are lost upon the expiration of the Casting, and the duration may not be extended by any non-Supernatural or Entital means. The abuse of this Casting (i.e. using it regularly, or in relatively dangerous but not dire circumstances) will result in a like penalty (3D6 points of P damage, a loss of 10 STEEP in all Combat K/S Areas, and all desired recipients will be Dazed until the Casting wears off (at which point only those wounded beyond Wound Level will stay Dazed).

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