SHURAHLOK (Ancient Master)



Refered to as Male or Female depending on the cult

Most servators refer to it as Male.




Gloomy Darkness

Nature:(Malign, Chaotic)


Concerns and short Description:

Greater god of malign and chaotic serpents and cacodemons. Appears as a mass of twisting and writhing snakes and serpent heads, all sweating and oozing blood. King of chronic pain and slow suffering. Lord of poisonous snakes. Master of blood diseases. Whisperer of ancient and forbidden dark secrets. Corruptor of the collective unconscious. Said to give birth to his personal horde of cacodemons by vomiting them up. Shurahlok's symbol is a yellow wavy X shape with serpent heads on each point, each sweating blood, on a background of wavy black lines.

Other Data

Dwelling Place: The Outer Depths, The Deepvoid (Abyssial Realms)

Special Abilities and Powers: To Be Determined

Weapons and Armor: None by Primary Avatar

Descriptive and Misc Info:

Shurahlok is one of the Eldest Deep Old, alongs with Harillorax, Qalhk-Ru, Nyvaniiox, Draconyxul, and (by power) Demogorgon, is the off-spring of now destroyed Oxo,(the Black Wave, the Formless Blob, Sire of Darkness and Unlife, Chaos-Storm turned Matter). At one time, he had a lot of power, sharing control of the Dinosaurs with the others, until the High Ones rallied under the banners of Alhuax. During this battle, the powers that be expelled their power base.

Such Deep Old were also worshiped openly by the early Atlantis Empire, but as time passed, the High Ones gained more power and wiped Deep Old worship. The Dark Maquis took over, but they "followed the rules" of civilization, most aren't openly worshiped, and Demogorgon is treated like Set is in AEgypt.

Shurahlok's cult is one of the forbidden religions in Altantl states. Even the exiled states don't allow his faithful to make temples. Unlike Demogorgon and his subordinate dieties/fiends, these creatures are completely unbending to requirements of human sacrifice and general behavior. As such, they are worshiped by outlaws, bandits, and evil people. (We don't count the Netherlife in service to him, as well as the many snakes he controls within his sphere)

Shurlaox has power over all mundane snakes, and can exact obedience from many of these animals--save if they already are protected by another entity. Sometimes he has spirits possess these creatures, which aid him in spreading chaos. He has numerous Serpents under his control, and can exact fealty from other "independent" serpents of the Atlantian netherspheres, such as those who dwell in the wastelands (the Flaming Hellwastes, the Black Dustlands, etc) of the Dark Empire of Demogorgon and the Dark Marquis.

Shurahlok is a patron of Sorcery (due to his power) and Witchcraeft (since he is a corruptor by nature), and thus makes pacts with humans to spread his power.

Servant Creature Sketches:

Cacodemons are basically demons created from Pandemonium Chaos spheres. As such, they have wildly varied forms. It is useless to describe them in terms of specific races akin to the other forms of netherlife, but rather in terms of potency or function. Such creatures vary in form. For instance, classifications are as Demons: Minor, Medial, Major. Cacodemons basically adapt themselves to the tasks they serve. They are similar to grotesques and gargoyles in this matter.

Such beings are usually invulnerable to mortal weapons, as well as poison and disease. All take damage from cold iron (x1), as such weapons have a "grounding nature" to these beings. Positive Heka attacks do x2 Damage. They have an allergy to Chimes.

Powers depend upon the rank of the demon and are again highly variable due to the nature of these beings. The game master should chose powers based on the function and rank of the cacodemon. For example, a Cacodemon torturer would have powers involving pain and suffering, while one for reconnesanse would have powers of stealth.

Casting Powers are rarer with these creatures, usually the provice of Medial or Greater, and can be of the following: Dweomercraeft: General + (Black and/or Elemental) [max 2 subschools], Necromancy.

Serpents are pretty much self-explanitory. Large Serpent beings, Ophidian in form, sometimes winged, Gigantic Snakes. Those within the Atlantian Pantheon come under the following types

The greater varieties have Breath Weapons appropriate to their type. Greater ones have casting powers--usually of Dweomercraeft, Priestcraeft, and Witchcraeft/Necromancy/Sorcery type. They vie with the Dracos--those Dragon/Drake-like beings of Supernatural nature and of Evil Nature, ruled by Draconyxl. Pure Silver hurts these beings.

Oxgiinu (Mind Grubs): These creatures are worm-like beings, excriment from Shurahlok. They are Spirt Forms with no FPM possible. They carry forbidden messages from Shurahlok to other loyal beings, whether Supernatural or Mundane. These creatures feed on the conceptual energies from insane minds, and at times will drive unprotected men insane to feed, usually while they sleep. (They have the power to Mind Warp as per the Mythus book.)

Fujanka ("Eyefangs"): These creatures are a lesser form of agent for Shurahlok, usually answering summons made by his faithful, either for combat or to act as a form of Familiar. Sometimes they are sent on a mission of assasination/guarding. There have been tales of such beings attacking champions who've opposed Shurahlok in the past.

They appear as a disembodied 4' long mouth with fangs, surrounding a vile eye. The creature can bite and delieve a powerful bite and fast-acting poison. It can also deliver some minor Black Dweomercraeft/Witchcraeft castings from its eye, has the power to see in the Dark and Detect Invisible, and can deliver either Fear or a Potent Blood Disease from the eye.