Identifier: Unliving, Supernatural, (of the Atlantian Pantheon)

Habitat: Netherplane, Realms of Nurilon, Shadow and Negative Spheres, (Rarely: Ætherial/Astral)

Size: Human-Sized

Number Appearing: 1

Modes and Rates of Movement:

Human-Standard: 220 Yards/BT

Initiative Modifiers: Human Standard

Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & STEEP

Joss Factors: 6

Dodging 40 Avoidance (Base) 25/36/30

Attractiveness: -3, "Horrid", Dazing vs. Easy, Fleeing vs. Easy


Average Armor Protection: 18 (Heka Engendered)


Can speak and understand the language of any mortal, dead, undead, or nethercreature, no matter what race, pantheon, or sphere it is from.


Claws (x2) 1D6 base + Bonuses

Weapon See Below + Bonuses


Abyssial Sight:

Area of Effect: Noxun
Delivered by: N/A
Range: Noxon
Time: Always On
Duration: Permanent
Frequency: N/A

This power confers the following abilities on the Noxun

Death Howl

Area of Effect: 20' Radius
Delivered by: Shout (Howl)
Range: Centered on Noxon
Time: Instantaneous
Duration: Permanent
Frequency: 1/Day

Once per 24 Hour Period, the Noxun can unleash a powerful Howl which channels a dark force against all's spirits. Those living creatures which are in the area of effect must make a SM Category roll vs. DR "Hard" or Die.

Deleria of Death's March

Area of Effect: 30' Radius
Delivered by: Gesture
Range: 1 Chain
Time: Instant
Duration: 1 AT
Frequency: 2/Day

This power creates a Horrid Hallucinatory Delusion against all intellegent living creatures who fall to make roll against their MR Category at DR "Hard".

If a persona is affected by this power, he ends up seeing all his companions and other living creatures as vicious and horrid undead creatures of varying types, and any Undead/Unliving creatures as innocent victims. He is deluded into beliving this, and that the creatures are vicious and evil, and thus will not listen to claims otherwise.

Thus, this casting can only be dispelled by any casting, power, or materia which negates mental influence.

Gloom Cloud: (3/Day, 1 Chain Radius, 1 AT Duration)

Kiss of the Nightwalker

Area of Affect: 1 Corpse
Delivered by: Touch (Kiss)
Range: Touch
Time: Instant/1 BT (see below)
Duration: Permanent
Frequency: 1/Day

This power gives the Noxon the ability to create an Ultrazombie (q.v.) with Necropire (q.v) abilities, by "Kissing" a Corpse anywhere on its body. A powerful supernatural force alters the body, and within 1 BT it arrises with all the powers of such a creature.

Resistance to Heka (18 pt R-Factor)

Shadow-Cloaking (at will--invisibility in moderate shadows)


Area of Effect: Noxun
Delivered by: Thought
Range: 0
Time: Instantaneous
Duration: Instantaneous
Frequency: 1/Battle Turn

This power allows the Noxun to step into a shadow and appear anywhere else where shadows can be seen, within his line of sight. It's a very short form of teleportation.


(2/day, see Shadowwalking for other details)

The Noxun can use its Shadow-Walking power to walk directly into its home nethersphere, the sphere of Shadow, or the Negative Material Sphere itself.


(Always active)

A Noxun can't truly fly, but it can walk across water and air as if it was solid ground at will (See Yeth Hound). This also allows it to silently walk over leaves, twigs, rice paper, etc, making it detectable only with an Extreme physical perception roll.

Vampiric Gaze

Area of Effect: 1 Creature
Delivered by: Gaze
Range: Sight to 1 Chain
Time: Same CT
Duration: Permanent
Frequency At Will

The Noxun can cause Terror in anybody meeting its gaze. They must make an avoidance rollvs. SM at Difficult or suffer 6D6 Spiritual Damage. The total damage is normally used to regenerate spirtual damage (at a 1:1 ratio), but can also be used to regenerate its physical form (at the ration of 1 Physical Point:5 Spirtual points drained), or Castings Heka (at the rate of 2 HP:1 SP Drained)

Castings: Moderate (Strong Full Practioner Ability)

Heka Available: 1600

Spells Available: See above for skills.

 Statistical Detail:
 M: 160 EL:   P:226  WL: CL:  S: 180 EL:
 MM: 80 MR:  80 PM: 106 PN: 120 SM: 90 SP: 90
 MMCap: 30 MRCap: 30 PMCap: 38 PNCap: 42 SMCap: 30 SPCap: 30
 MMPow: 25 MRPow: 25 PMPow: 35 PNPow: 40 SMPow: 30 SPPow: 30
 MMSpd: 25 MRSpd: 25 PMSpd: 33 PNSpd: 38 SMSpd: 30 SPSpd: 30

 Armor Scheme:
 Ultra  60  28  28  *  *  28  *
 Supra  45  21  21  *  *  21  *
 Vital  30  14  14  *  *  14  *
 Non  15  7  7  *  *  7  *
 Average  37  18  18  *  *  18  *

Commentary & Description:

The Noxuns are the Unliving Magistrates and Esgals(Knights) of Nurilon. Nurilon is the Major god of the Undead and Unliving, the ArchLicheurge, Dark Savant, the Master of Shadow (and Illusion), Negative Energy, and Dark Dweomercraeft. Seer of the Abyssial Font. He serves as a Sage-Wizard to Demogorgon.) Noxuns are powerful servants of his.

Noxuns will attempt to capture souls for experimentation and/or imprisonment for Nurilon, or (rarely) for their own personal use. Noxuns are also the most likely agents sent to the Material Plane for Nurilon, to perform tasks and undertake dark missions. They also act as judges and police for the Undead and Unliving, or as Nurilon's Executioners of living beings on the mundane spheres.

While having some potent powers, note that a Noxun's weapon, known as a Nightstriker, is perhaps its worst attribute. This horrid weapon is similar in construction to the Kusrigama (see MMM #2) found in the realms of Far Azir, yet composed of dark heka.

Note that the Noxuns High Steep in combat and many bonuses make this creature a fearsome foe. When not using its Nightstriker, it may use its bony hands (with its fierce strength), either as brute claws, or to ambush a character with a Neck-Breaking or Strangulation Manuver.

These creatures are Master necromancers and fairly potent with Black Dweomercraeft and Sorcery. And thus, will use their casting to best effect when possible. They will certainly summon and exact aid from Undead, Undead Spirits, and Nethercreatures. They are also likely to create and empower unalive creatures.

Noxuns have a severe allergy to sunlight, since it isn't presnet in their realms and in anethmea to their unliving and negative nature. If they are detained on the material plane when Dawn breaks and are not sheiled from the sunlight, they will attempt to enter the nearest shadowy/dark place (or create one with Gloomcloud) and from there gate back to their netherplane, or else escape to a safe haven.

If a Noxun's form is destroyed outside its home plane, it is sent back to its home sphere to regenerate (within 24 hours). If the physical form of a Noxun is destroyed in Norillon's realm, its spirit will be reduced to a NPM, and (usually) retreat to the pits where it was created. Only Norillon or one of his more powerful aides/servants can reform such a creature (and if it failed an important mission, it will likely suffer a worse fate). If it is spiritually reduced to 0 anywhere, it is totally destroyed and its Physical Form crumbles to ash.

Noxuns have incredible knowledge of the Undead and Unliving and actually sages in Occultism.

Appearance: These creatures appear as skeletal beings akin to liches. They are usually cloathed in ragged robes of atlantian style, yet keep their heads either bare or cloaked in shadows. Their skulls are completely bare of flesh, and the substance of the skulls has been altered in appearance to a greyish sooty color. In the empty eye sockets appear two orbs or vile purple hue. The rest of their body appears as a gaunt, near skeletal package, again colored grey-black, and is very resistant to piercing attacks. Thus, the creature is Horrid in appearance.