Gender: Male

Rank: Greater


Ethos: Sunlight

Nature: Agathocacological, Ordered

Consorts: Gancha Va (goddess of renown)

Priciple Concerns:

Light, Knowledge, Teaching, Civilization, History, Defense against the Ancient Masters, Rulership of the High Ones, at least those of light.

Other Concerns: Fight against Evil, Order, Magick, Health, the Concodysian realms, keeping Honryu from becoming too powerful.


Adyani (Godmother of Ærth, Queen of the Ætherial, "Mother" of spirit), most of his offspring and peers from the Light Ethos, Balance, and those who are ordered in nature.

(Other Pantheons): Thoth, Ra, Apollo, and other deities of Wealful Knowledge.


Emnity with Honryu (Twilight God of War, Night, Shadow, the Underworld, Secrecy, master of the "Underworld" of the Godscity), a "cold war" in effect with him and his allies. Fierce Foe of Demogorgon and his Maquis, as well as all Ancient Masters. (Alhuhax slew Oxo!) Foe of any Deity (of any pantheon) who corrupts and twists knowledge, who promotes ignorance. Much Emnity towards Yornuk, the great traitor.


The Brightstaff, a weapon of great power, slaying of Netherlife, with the ability to become edged akin to a sword or pieced like a spear when fighting demons, these edges being made of pure light. Can cast Wealsome Entital Heka.


The Empyreal Robe (Colored Red), The Celestial Cape (Colored Blue), and the Concordyseal Rings (Colored Green). All trimmed with Oricalcium.



The other Devas take the form of the three primary colors of light: Red, Green, and Blue.

Other Creatures:

Descriptive and Miscellaneous Information:

Alhuhax is the Greater God of Light. Lord of Thought, bringer of Knowledge. He came from the Astral Plane, saving Æna and her daughters from the assaults of the Ancient Masters, . He is the Oversage and Ruler of Godscity, the place where most of the High ones Dwell, a amalgam of many planes and spheres. Legend has him as the one who assisted Adyani when she "seeded" the race of Humanity.

In the celestial city, Alhuhax is the "King". However, his power isn't all-pervasive. When Oxo was destroyed, Æna sent visions to Adyani regarding a need for somebody to take some of the dark power from that Entital Monster. Honryu, a High One, took that role. It was necessary. However, in the city, Honryu ended up establishing an "underworld", akin to a powerful Crime Guild/Secret Society, and has been a constant rival to Alhuhax.

On Ærth, Alhuhax was initially the teacher of the Atlantl civilization, his first wisepeople bringing knowledge to the masses. Unfortunately, Alhuhax was checked by Honryu, who ended up being the favored deity of the ruling classes, with Alhuhax having a minor role in civilization with monks and sages. Because of Alhuhax's weakened role in Ærth society, it became decadent during several periods...Some of Honryu's servants (Devils) weren't opposed to human sacrifice, and this setting allowed for the worship of the Ancient Masters to be established on Ærth. Though most were seen as monstrous and abandoned, in part due to the constant vigilance of all the High Ones, Demogorgon gained great power and formed the Marquis, mostly from a mass exodus of dark creatures from Honryu's banner. Now Honryu and Alhuhax have to manage a war against this dark presence. It's not something Alhuhax easily forgets.

With Berberian and Iberian influence, as well as the sending of the "Golden Prophet" (a mortal Avatar or Alhuhax, named Va Lugnya), the bringer of knowledge eventually regained a larger following among Ærth worshipers, especially with the fall of the corrupted Atlantl empire, and the nature of his sects expanded. (Note that while Alhuhax is a patron of rulers, and would like to see an Atlantl Empire again, he loathes decadence, and thus the old empire was not good. The fact that the Atlantians ignored Heka development in the early days proves this!)

Mundane Forms of Alhuhax: Sometimes, even Greater Deities (who are removed from the Mundane planes more than their Lesser and Minor counterparts) will attempt to communicate to a mortal directly, rather than going through intermediaries: either through a dream or vision, non-material apparition, or even a mortal avatastic form. However, in most cases, they will stick to certain specified forms. Here are the most common forms Alhuhax takes on the Mundane Sphere.

Note for the JM. You should use the form appropriate based on the situation and circumstances. If, for instance, you want the players to go on a high-key mission for the deity, the Regal Emperor would be the best, or even the shifting rune. If the players are having problems in a quest, perhaps having the venerable sage appear--acting as the scatterbrained fool. If the players are lost and facing Demons and Devils or great power and Alhuhax takes interest, have the Child appear to lead them to a safe haven.